• 15 Feb 2018

    Le Collectif

    Sneak Peek

    Inside Rosemood
    This week we met up with Béranger, a member of our team of internal graphic designers, otherwise known as “Le Collectif". He has kindly agreed to give you a sneak peek at his latest masterpiece, which will soon be joining our catalogue of wedding stationery.
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  • 8 Feb 2018


    Popping the question

    Our Stationery
    Now that you have said “yes” and are one step further to heading down the aisle, it is time to pop the question to your bridesmaids! Read on to see how you should choose who is on team bride and how you can ask them to play a special role on your big day!
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  • 7 Feb 2018

    Stationery Goodies

    Stickers that go GRR

    Our Stationery
    Rosemood's very own Coline is giving you the chance to escape from the wintry weather to the warmth of the exotic jungle, with her GRR jungle stickers. These exclusive stickers are our latest gift to our lovely customers, so read on to see how you can get your hands on some!
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  • 1 Feb 2018

    Meet Heidi

    Our Vintage Press

    Inside Rosemood
    We are going to treat you to a behind-the-scenes look at our very own printing studio here in Nantes, France! If you have been wondering how we add the touch of sparkle to our glamorous foiled stationery, then read on for more information about the fascinating art of hot foil stamping!
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  • 25 Jan 2018

    Cards on the Table

    Meet the SEO Sarahs

    Inside Rosemood
    We thought that it was about time you got to know the people behind our product descriptions and blog articles, so Rosemood’s two Sarahs, who look after SEO and content creation for our UK and German websites, have laid their cards on the table in our card-themed interview!
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  • 18 Jan 2018

    Meet Marguerite

    Designer for Rosemood

    A Few Of Our Favourite Things
    Up until now we have known Marguerite Courtieu as Jeanne Triochka, but she has decided to drop her pseudonym and reveal her true identity, so has kindly agreed to let you find out a bit more about her professional and personal projects, and what she has in store for Rosemood!
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