80s Baby Names

Making a come back in 2019

We are over halfway through the year so we are taking a moment to take a look at some of the most popular baby names of 2019 so far. Whilst cultural events and popular TV shows have dictated most of the top names as always, one surprising trend is a turn back to the solid and traditional names of the 1980s. Take a look if any of these 80s names catch your eye!

1980s baby names making a comeback in 2019

Picking a name can prove to be one of the most challenging decisions facing any new parent. If you are expecting a baby in the second half of 2019 then you may wish to take a look to see if you find any inspiration in these classic 80s baby names that are making a big come back. 

As predicted at the start of the year in our 2019 baby names article, Noah and Oliver are proving popular with the boys, and royal baby fever also saw Archie make it into the top 20! Meanwhile, for the girls, Olivia and Sophia are proving hard to beat. 

Traditional names that were top of the baby name charts in the 80s are, however, creeping their way back up the 2019 rankings! Classic names such as David and Michael have surged back into the top 100, whilst Hannah and Penny are becoming more popular for girls. 

Despite none of these 80s names breaking their way into the top 20, we think that some of these baby names will be ones to watch for the second half of 2019 and maybe even 2020. Which ones do you think will be hitting playgrounds across the UK?

80s Boy Baby Names

Adam, Andrew, Anthony, Bradley, Brandon, Brian, Charles, Christopher, Craig, Daniel, David, Dennis, Derek, Donald, Douglas, Eric, Frank, Gary, Ian, James, Jason, Jeremy, John, Joshua, Justin, Keith, Kevin, Kyle, Larry, Mark, Matthew, Michael, Nicholas, Patrick, Paul, Raymond, Richard, Robert, Ryan, Thomas, Travis, Sean, Scott, Steven, William, Zachary

80s boy baby names

80s Girl Baby Names

Allison, Amanda, Amber, Amy, Angela, Ashley, Carrie, Catherine, Christina, Danielle, Diana, Emma, Hannah, Holly, Jacqueline, Jennifer, Jessica, Julie, Karen, Kathleen, Katie, Kelly, Kimberley, Laura, Lauren, Leslie, Lindsey, Lisa, Mary, Melanie, Melissa, Michelle, Natalie, Natasha, Nicole, Patricia, Rebecca, Samantha, Stacey, Stephanie, Tara, Vanessa, Victoria

80s baby girl names