Celebrate Your Big Day

because love isn't cancelled

While your wedding day may have had to be moved, you can still commemorate your special day with a mini celebration. So, we’ve come up with a few different ways you can honour your original wedding day.

You’ve had to postpone your wedding celebrations, so what to do now with your original date? It is sure to be a difficult time as the date approaches, having spent months planning and organising your day. All is not lost: there are still plenty of ways to mark your original wedding date all from the comfort of your own home. They may even have you getting even more excited for your new wedding day!

Swap vows

Write down and exchange some heartfelt words with your partner, don’t worry you won’t spoil the real ones just think of it as practice for the big day. Let them know how much they mean to you and raise a toast to the day that would have been. 

Dress up 

It’s probably been a while since you both donned your best outfit so why not put on that dress you’ve had sitting in the back of your wardrobe, pop on your wedding veil, shoes, and him his bowtie, and sit down for a romantic dinner.

Make a feast

Contact your caterer and see if they can deliver your wedding menu. If not, you could create your wedding menu from scratch together! Bring an element of your day to life in your very own kitchen and have fun with your partner while doing it, you can always crack open the wedding wine while you sauté your potatoes for the main course.

First dance

Pop some bubbly, put on your song and dance around your living room. Think of it as a dress rehearsal, making sure your feet are in time with the music so that when you bring out all your moves on the dancefloor, you won’t be the one with two left feet.

Take a trip down memory lane

If there was ever a time to look back over old photos, today it is! Go back to where it all began, share old messages and love notes you’ve exchanged over the years and let yourselves fall in love all over again. You could even create a photo book to then use as a wedding guest book on your new wedding date.

Video minimony

After sprucing yourself up and devouring your favourite takeaway, have your closest family & friends hop on a video call for some wedding related fun and laughter while everyone shares stories about you and your partner.

Have a photoshoot

Many photographers are now doing porch photoshoots. Get in touch with yours and see if they can do a mini photoshoot (with socially distancing measures, of course) as you get dressed up in your “day two outfits”, pose on your doorstep and commemorate your original day.