Create the perfect photo book

& document your fondest memories

We asked friend and travel editor Julie Flamingo to share her helpful tips with us

on how we can hold on to all the memories we have made for years to come.

Julie Flamingo is a travel editor and dear friend of ours here at Rosemood and for the last few years, we have had the privilege of working alongside her and printing her Travel Photography Books. Her love of travel, photography and years of experience in creating artistic city guides meant she was the best person to ask for help when it comes to curating the perfect photo book.

Photo books are a great way for us to transform our wonderful adventures into a storybook and share them with others, but with so many photos sitting on our phones, computers and digital cameras where do we even start?

Read on to discover Julie’s top tips for creating a photo book that every one of us would be proud of.

1/ Sort through your photos

This is perhaps one of the most time-consuming parts of the process but it is definitely an important one. Anytime Julie is creating a photo book, she asks herself three essential questions; Does this photo bring back fond memories? Does this picture capture any sort of emotion? Is the photo quality good?   

“If you answer ‘Yes’ to all of these questions then that picture deserves a spot in your photo book.”


Start whittling the number of photos down to the ones you really want to include in your book take your time, be selective. You could even ask friends and family who shared in these memories for their photos too, you never know, they may have captured some candid moments that you didn’t manage to get.

2/ Edit your photos (sparingly)

Before uploading your images, why not play around with the editing tool on your phone, cropping, adjusting white balance, changing exposure, contrast, brightness or for those more seasoned photographers give your photos a little retouch with editing software like Adobe Lightroom, VSCO...

“I always make sure my photos have a similar tone, this helps in creating an overall flow throughout the photo book”  


3/ Look for similarities

Once you have selected and edited your photos, it's time to start grouping your photos together. Look for patterns in colour, tone or textures between your images and group them accordingly. 

“It is always particularly nice when the pictures on a double-page have a certain coherence, be it the subject, the people, a colour, a background. This will result in giving a nice harmony to the layout and story of your photo book.”

4/ Vary the layout

Mix and match your layouts to give your album a sense of rhythm using the different templates. Combine a full image on one page with a multi-photo layout on the next, just be sure the layout fits with the vibe of the photo.

“A word of advice: don’t be afraid to let your favourite shots take centre stage on a page of their own (or even across a double-page).”


4/ Let your creativity run free

“Have fun and let your creativity run wild!”.

Add in and take out a photo numerous times, try out different templates, different formats or include text - after all, it’s the creative process that is half the fun!


So there you have it, Julie’s top tips on how to create your best photo book yet. Hopefully, you found these tips helpful, and if you want to read up on some more tips on how to create a wedding photo book, a travel photo book or you want to create your newest arrivals first baby photo book check out our website

And don’t forget, your photo book is made up of your best moments – and isn’t that something that you can look forward to reliving again and again.