Mr & Mrs Clynk

Designers for Rosemood

Amongst the talented designers behind Rosemood’s beautiful stationery, Mr and Mrs Clynk are always close to our hearts as they too are based in our home town of Nantes, France. To find out a bit more about this creative duo, we met up with Karine, aka. Mrs Clynk, who filled us in on her and Mr Clynk’s (Jérôme) work!

Rosemood designers Mr and Mrs Clynk

Hello Karine! For those who haven’t heard of Mr and Mrs Clynk, tell us a little more about what you do.

Karine (aka. Mrs Clynk): We are a design duo. Jérôme is an interior designer and I am a textile designer. Together we create decorative items, crockery, home accessories and furniture, whilst Jérôme also works on his interior design projects.

Fill us in on your background and how you came to work together.

We both studied applied and decorative arts in Paris. Jérôme was then lucky enough to work alongside Andrée Putman, (French interior and product designer), for 8 years, whilst I spent 13 years working in children’s fashion. We created our brand together ten years ago now. We started by designing lamps and cushions that we would sell at trade fairs. Then we were approached to design for Atomic Soda and later contacted by clients such as Andrée Jardin and, of course, Rosemood.

Wedding stationery from Mr and Mrs Clynk

Why did you choose an American name?

Clynk is simply half of my really long surname, which is Flemish and has a whole load of complicated letters. Our friends used to shorten our name to Clynk, so the choice seemed natural when we were looking for a brand name so we didn’t really have to go into a big marketing study!

How do you share the creative work as Mr and Mrs Clynk?

No matter which project we are working on, it always starts out as sketches on a sheet of paper. Whether it's on a train or over breakfast, the project will develop slowly. Depending on the product, one of us will then make a start on the computer. Jérôme works in 3D for most of his designs, whilst I work more on the colours and the motifs. Designing is always a process of going back and forth between the two of us, with each giving their input.

Where do you find your inspiration on a day to day basis?

Jérôme likes clean lines and strong contrasts. Whilst I have a taste for rich motifs in colours inspired by our stay in Western African. We also find inspiration in everything Chinese or vintage and combine the two by giving a nod back to our 70s childhood, mixing them with memories from our travels. This combination of different influences is definitely what defines our style.

How did you transition from creating furniture, ceramics and textiles to designing stationery?

Our complementary profiles allow us to work on a whole range of products. In general, our different projects work well together and we try to make sure that there is an overall sense of coherence, where you can find the same style or spirit in all of our products, (even if we have to adapt them to match our customer’s brand image). Our range of colours works well for this, as the cushions, we make for Atomic Soda, function well with our furniture for example. Creating stationery is a fusion of my experience as a children’s clothes designer and the creation of motifs for home décor.

What is your favourite design you have created for Rosemood?

I would have to say our “Engraved Chic” wedding invitations because I so enjoyed drawing the flowers. I also love our “Lovely Linen” christening invitations, seeing as this design represents our work well and it looks great on Rosemood’s textured ivory paper. Since Rosemood brought out hot foil stamping, we have also been able to create pretty designs with a little touch of gold. I am always happy to see our creations in print and the final product at Rosemood is always impeccable!

Thanks for taking the time to let us get to know you a bit better Karine. Pass on our kind regards to Jérôme.

Christening stationery from Mr and Mrs Clynk

We can’t get enough of Mr and Mrs Clynk’s design and by the look of things neither can you, as their Reflections wedding invitations are one of our most popular designs. See more of their stunning motifs on our website.

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