DIY Envelope Liners

DIY Day 2

We're back with another beginner-friendly DIY today! We'll make a DIY expert out of you by the time our 1st June Rosemood UK launch date rolls around! Today we'll show you how to get the trendy look of envelope liners for your wedding invitations while sticking to a DIY budget.

Rosemood allows you to personalise your wedding stationery to perfectly fit your personality but you may want to add to that unique look by adding your own envelope liners to our high-quality colour envelopes. Here are some step-by-step instructions to do so. Don't be intimidated, you can do it!

Step 1: Trace the outside of your envelope onto a piece of scratch paper. This will act as your stencil. As the envelope liner's flap is slightly smaller than the envelope's own flap, draw another smaller triangle (for triangular flaps) within the flap area of your envelope outline. You want your envelope liners to fit snugly inside your envelopes while also leaving room around the edges of the flap in order for the adhesive to hold the envelope shut.

Step 2: Carefully cut our your stencil and test it by sliding it into your envelope. Adjust your stencil cut out if it is too large and doesn't fit in your envelope or is too small and is sloshing around inside your envelope. Make sure that the liner flap aligns nearly perfectly with the envelope flap. This may take a couple of tries to get just right so take your time and use a straight edge as a guide.

Step 3: Trace your envelope liner stencil onto the paper of your choice. We printed large sheets of paper with a portion of our wedding invitation's design on so they would match but you can also choose from the large variety of solids, patterns and prints available at your local craft store. Cut out your envelope liners, testing them every once and a while to make sure they continue to fit in your envelopes.

There you have it, custom envelope liners for your wedding invitations or other special occasion stationery. Now that you have completed the "hard part" invite a group of friends around to help you insert the liners into the envelopes. If your liners are a good snug fit inside the envelopes, there's no real need to glue them down as they should stay in place when your guests remove their invitations. You may want to glue (or double-sided tap for less mess) the envelope liner down in just the flap area for a more professional look. In our experience, the lighter the paper the easier it is to manipulate when opening and closing the envelope (even light weight wrapping paper would do the trick) but you can have a try with any of your favourite papers. Be sure to let us know how it goes!