DIY Place Cards

DIY Day 5

Well you can't have succulent table numbers without succulent place cards now can you? Miniature succulents and miniature plant pots come in all shapes and styles so you can choose just the right look for your special day. And the best part? They work as wedding favours too!

If you're looking for something a little different for your place cards and wedding favours, check out these adorable miniature succulents! You can use our wedding gift tags to write out your guests' names or label the plant pots directly with an opaque marker. You can either wrap the labels around the pot with rustic string or turn them into little signs with toothpicks like we have. Make sure to remind your guests to take their succulents home with them as a wedding favour (and maybe even have a contest to see who can keep theirs alive the longest)!

A few tips to make the most of your succulent place cards:

1. Call up your local garden shop and place an order for these miniature succulents in advance. You may want to head to the store and choose your favourite style if you are going for a homogeneous look, although we love an eclectic mix of plants!

2. Replant your succulents in new pots with a nice dark soil to keep them looking fresh for the big day. Remember, a little water goes a long way with these little guys! Small clear jars are another great option, just make sure to fill them with soil all the way around from top to bottom!

3. Have some friends over for a planting party a week or two before your wedding to enjoy the process rather than adding it to your already interminable last minute to do list. You may even be able to purchase your succulents already planted to avoid this task altogether.

If you are looking for other creative ways to use or display your wedding place cards then take a look at our DIY Photo Place Card Wall.

Enjoy and be sure to share a snap or two of your finished product with us on Facebook or Instagram!