DIY Table Numbers

DIY Day 4

Looking for a unique way to dress your wedding tables? Some DIY succulent-filled mason jars are sure to do the trick! Once the wedding has passed you can plant your succulents together to create a bit of a low-in-maintenance and high-in-symbolism garden akin to the classic "love fern."

If traditional table numbers aren't your cup of tea, opt for something a little more natural with these DIY succulent table numbers. Gather together your favourite recycled or store-bought mason jars, plant them with succulents, draw on table numbers with opaque markers (silver, gold or white sharpies work great) and you're ready to celebrate your nuptials with your friends and family! You can even tie a personalised gift tag to each table number jar to coordinate your wedding table decor with your stationery. Wrap your choice of string or raffia around the neck of the jar several times for a more rustic feel or opt for ribbon to achieve a more classic look.

Succulents are a great option as they require little upkeep but you could do the same project with a bunch of your favourite flowers or other greenery. The best wedding decorations are those that reflect the personalities of the bride and groom so don't hesitate to get creative and make this and the rest of our DIY's your very own. Be sure to check back on the blog for an upcoming tutorial on matching miniature succulent place cards and wedding favours!