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No one can prepare you for the hours that you will spend crafting the perfect wedding seating plan that will keep all your friends and family happy! However, help is at hand when it comes to pointing your guests to the right seats on the day thanks to our stylish DIY wedding table plan.

Make your DIY wedding table plan with Rosemood

Creating the perfect seating plan for your wedding can be a major headache! But once the painful part is over, working out how to display your seating plan can be a lot of fun. You can get creative with table names and if you love a good DIY project there are endless ideas for original table plan designs. Whilst we can’t help you work out who to sit next to who to ensure that conversation flows as well as the drinks; we can help you create a DIY wedding table plan to show off your hard work!

Looking for a wedding table plan to match your wedding invitations from Rosemood? Take a look at our step-by-step guide to make your DIY wedding table plan using our personalised wedding table numbers!  Whether you are hosting a traditional, rustic or modern wedding, your choice of frame and paper or fabric will determine the style of your wedding table plan.

What you need to make your DIY wedding table plan

What you need to create your DIY wedding table plan

  • Your guest list.
  • Personalised wedding table numbers from Rosemood. You will need one per table plus an extra one for the top of your wedding table plan. (You may wish to order a few spare table numbers, just in case you have some last minute changes to your guest list).
  • A large frame.
  • Paper or fabric of your choice in two different colours.
  • Scissors.
  • Double-sided sellotape or glue.

How to make your wedding table plan

1) Prepare the background of the frame. Cut your paper or fabric to the size of the frame and attach it to the backing board with glue or double-sided tape.

2) Write out your guests’ names on your wedding table numbers. Add the table number and then write the names in columns using your best penmanship.

3) Cut out pieces of paper or fabric for mounting each table number. We would recommend using pieces of paper or fabric measuring 14.5 x 10 cm to leave a border of 5 mm around your wedding table numbers.

4) Stick your wedding table numbers in the centre of your pieces of paper or fabric. Remember to stick one table number face up to display your names and wedding date, or a title for your table plan.

5) Attach the wedding table number with your personalised text at the top of the frame in the centre, using double-sided tape or glue.

6) Lay out and line up the remaining wedding table numbers, (with you guests' names), on the backing board, before securing them in place with your glue or tape.

How to make your DIY wedding table plan
DIY rustic wedding table plan from Rosemood

7) Replace the glass and backing board inside the frame and secure in place using the clips provided on the reverse of the frame.

Et voilà. You have a lovely DIY wedding table plan that will add some rustic decoration to your wedding reception. That just leaves you to display your framed wedding table plan at the entrance to your wedding reception to make sure that your guests stick to your seating plan! Pair this DIY wedding table plan up with our "Canopy" table numbers and matching wedding place cards to ensure that your guests can find their seats easily.

If you are hosting a more informal affair and prefer to let your guests choose their own seats then you may prefer to create an escort card display, American style. Check out our DIY place card wall for more inspiration!