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Christmas DIY

We are back with another edition of our Christmas DIYs and this time we are here to help you achieve the ultimate Pinterest-inspired gift wrapping. Available in three versions for both novice artists and expert crafters, you will be proud of the gifts under your tree this festive season!

Rosemood Gift Wrapping DIY

The Christmas countdown seems to be speeding up as the 25th draws nearer every day. It's time to attack the rest of that holiday to-do list and get your gifts wrapped and ready to go! If you want to impress your loved ones with your expert gift-wrapping skills or are simply on the hunt for a creative outlet, this is the festive DIY for you! The following three versions of this DIY make creating elegantly wrapped gifts accessible for everyone because no gift-wrapper should be left behind at this time of year! We would advise you to have your Rosemood Christmas gift tags at the ready!

Gift wrapping DIY
Creative gift wrapping

The first and perhaps most ambitious of our gift-wrapping DIYs involves a roll of simple white, kraft or coloured wrapping paper, an ink pad in the colour of your choice and a... potato! Yes, you read that right! Potatoes are the perfect vegetable to convert into the festive stamp of your choice. First things first, cut your potato in half. Then press the Christmas cookie cutter of your choice about one or two centimetres into the centre of one half of your potato. While leaving the cookie cutter in place, cut away the excess potato surrounding your cookie cutter, leaving only the shape of your choice as shown above. Use a paper towel to absorb as much of the moisture as possible from your potato. You can then press your DIY potato stamp firmly into your inkpad and onto your roll of paper to create trendy rustic home-printed gift wrap. We have gone for a minimalist look with white paper and black trees but you can certainly opt for gold paper and colourful ink or dark paper and white ink if you so please!

Rosemood Gift Tags
Rosemood Gift Tags DIY

If you like the idea of the homemade potato stamp but aren't quite sure about your stamping stamina, the second version of this holiday DIY is for you! Create your personalised potato stamp as explained above but add just one or two accent stamps to each wrapped parcel. You can add an adorable Christmas gift tag and a few festive sprigs of greenery to complete the look. You will get all the points for your extravagant gift decor without the laborious process of stamping an entire roll of paper. For larger gifts, perhaps select a larger potato and cookie cutter in order to create a more visually impressive stamp. You can even use a lighter coloured ink pad and write "To: ___ From: ___" inside the stamp; just make sure your stamp has completely dried before adding your personalised message!

Christmas Gift Tags
Christmas Gift Wrapping

Last, but certainly not least, is the third and final version of our Christmas gift wrapping DIY for the novice crafter or time-pressed wrapper! For this version, you will need a few sheets of gift tags (of course, we recommend our adorable Rosemood gift tags available here) and classic wooden or rubber stamps in festive shapes. First, wrap your gifts with ordinary wrapping paper, then add a gift tag to each parcel with the help of some string or ribbon. Finally, it's time to accessorise! Add a few stamps, candy canes or small Christmas tree ornaments to each package. You can choose one stamp per person so that you can easily identify which gifts are for which loved one or mix and match to keep your friends and family on their toes!