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Popular international names

Looking for a baby name that can be pronounced easily in different languages? We are here to help! We have worked with our French and German teams to come up with a selection of our favourite international baby names so see if any catch your eye.

International baby name ideas from Rosemood

Hello, my name is…

Bonjour, je m’appelle...

Hallo Ich heisse…

Here at Rosemood, we love seeing all the weird and wonderful baby names come through on your baby thank you cards and baby announcements! Sometimes, they even inspire the names that we put on our baby stationery online.

Seeing as Rosemood is an international company with teams running our UK, French and German websites, talk of baby names often turns to finding names that work well in different languages and we have realised that it is not always as simple as it sounds! 

What counts as an international baby name we hear you ask? For us, we went with names that can be pronounced and read easily in multiple languages. We have, therefore, collated a list of baby names that are ideal for parents of two different nationalities or for families who travel the world and want their baby name’s to transfer easily to other cultures. 

Take a look and see what you think!

International baby girl names

International Baby Names for Girls

Charlotte, Romy, Frieda, Ines, Lola

Anna, Alice, Julia, Louise, Suzanne, 

Sarah, June, Zoe, Noemie, Victoria, 

Emily, Sofia, Rose, Penelope, Mia, 

Dalia, Ivy, Elisabeth, Alma, Marie,

Alix, Lucie, Olivia, Henriette, Gabriella

Michelle, Lily, Grace, Josephine, Chloe

Saskia, Leonie, Anoushka, Nina, Diane

Gisele, Nico, Juliette, Heidi, Bianca

International Baby Names for Boys

Abel, Arthur, Henry, Paul, Simon, Gabriel

Orso, Lucas, Benjamin, Hugo, Gustave,

Nils, George, Oscar, Aaron, Felix, Gary,

Albert, Martin, Raphäel, Jonas, Ruben, 

Anthyme, Ferdinand, Elie, Thomas, Adam,

Louis, Roman, Milo, Timothy, Clovis, Alexis

Terence, Leon, Anton, Cesar, Nino, Colin

Vadim, Pablo, Carl, Matthis, Archibald, Pio

Robin, Benedict, Victor, Alistair, Charlie

Andrea, Marius, Augustin, Leopold

International baby boy names

International Baby Names at Rosemood

We have lots of mothers (and future mothers) here at Rosemood in our UK, French and German teams and some of them gave us their name ideas for this article!

Seeing as we are a little nosey and also wanted to give you some first-hand advice when it comes to choosing an international baby name, we asked some of them how they chose the names of their children. 

Christine (Customer Service)

“A name that you love in your native language does not always have the same connotations in another language! 

For our firstborn, we found it quite difficult to choose a name and I even had nightmares about finding myself about to give birth, not having chosen a name for our baby! 

We had been searching and searching for a name that was pronounced the same in both French and German but soon had to drop this from our list of criteria. Finally, we agreed that as long as the name was written the same in both languages that would be fine. As a result, we opted for Johnathan and Anna!”

Kathleen (Marketing)

“For me, it was very important that the name was pronounced the same in both languages and above all that there were no accents in the name, seeing as Germans would not know where to put it! We, therefore, chose Louise for our daughter!”