Meet Marguerite

Designer for Rosemood

Up until now we have known Marguerite Courtieu as Jeanne Triochka, but she has decided to drop her pseudonym and reveal her true identity, so has kindly agreed to let you find out a bit more about her professional and personal projects, and what she has in store for Rosemood!

Marguerite Courtieu designer and illustrator of personalised stationery for Atelier Rosemood

For those who don’t know you yet, tell us a bit more about you, your work, your inspiration and your style? Who is Marguerite Courtieu?

Hello everyone! My name is Marguerite and I am 38 years old. I have a 2 year old little girl, who is the star of many of my illustrations.

I have been working in the publication of children’s books, at Gallimard Jeunesse, for 10 years. I work with amazing illustrators and magnificent books. I illustrated a book called “La main de maman”, which was published by Gallimard, and I have also done numerous book covers. It has been a lot of fun!

At the same time, I have been doing a lot of watercolour painting for my personal work, including using quill paint brushes. I was looking for a change from drawing on the computer and felt the need to return to the roots of drawing and design. I started by accepting the instagram challenge “#1day1drawing”, and it later became my daily ritual and my moment of calm.

Others are better placed to describe my style, but I believe that I can call it childlike, colourful and joyful. I find inspiration in different places! For flowers, I could look at old herbariums day and night; whilst for children’s illustrations, I like the simplicity of Nathalie Parrain and Roger Duvoisin. My big achievement of the year was to have gotten my hands on a new edition of Roger Duvoisin’s “The Happy Lion”, in large format on beautiful paper, #vintage!

Tell us, how did your story with Rosemood begin? Do you remember your first creation for us? Which is your favourite design?

With Rosemood, it's a cool story. One day, one of my friends, Marion Bizet, asked me and Tomoë to design all the baby announcements for the future website of the company created by her sister-in-law Hélène and two of her friends. We didn't even think about whether it was going to work! They seemed to know exactly what they were doing, whilst we were jumping into the unknown!

We were given free rein with the first designs so we were super-inspired; they trusted us completely. Certain designs were a bit out there but we had such a good time doing them! I remember the SMS I received to let us know when the first order came in. It was very exciting to be part of the adventure right from the start.

The first design that comes to mind is “Russian dolls”. I illustrated it with all sorts of colours for all types of families. I was very proud of this design, which really captures my style, and reminds me of the time I had spent living in Poland. It also inspired my pseudonym: Jeanne Triochka.

Since then the team has gotten bigger but there is still such a great atmosphere! Rosemood continues to place their trust in us; it’s motivating and pushes me to do better. I think my favourite design has to be my wedding invitations "Watercolour Meadow" but I also love my “Alpine” Christmas cards.

Russian Dolls baby announcements design by Marguerite Courtieu for Atelier Rosemood

Why are you hanging up your pretty pseudonym?

I took on a pseudonym because I wanted to separate my professional work from my personal creations. I loved my pseudonym, as Jeanne has been my favourite name since I was a little girl. However, as time has gone on, I have chosen to accept the continuity between my work as a graphic designer and my projects as an illustrator.

Working with Rosemood is just one of your numerous ventures. Can you tell us what you are up to, along with your current and future projects?

I am still a full-time graphic designer in children’s publishing. I am working on collections of musical children’s books. It’s passionate work! What’s more, it's great that I can now test them out on my daughter. I am also involved in some illustration projects for children’s books, that keep me really motivated. As my style evolves I want to test even more things, such as the watercolour paints gouache or textile motifs. And of course, I continue to commit myself to Rosemood!


Watercolour design by Marguerite Courtieu designer and illustrator of personalised stationery for Atelier Rosemood

Tell us Marguerite, if we keep it to ourselves, can you let us in on your inspiration for your next exclusive creation for Rosemood?

I dream of creating a watercolour design with little forest animals, as well as a zen-inspired invitation. But shhhh…Rosemood still doesn’t know about it!

Have you been thinking about specific designs for the UK and German sites? How does it make you feel to know that your designs are now available to British and German customers?

It’s so exciting to know that my designs are going to arrive in the homes of British and German families, and it’s a real pleasure to create designs inspired by British and German culture. Besides living in Poland, I also lived in Berlin for a while (some of that time was with Marion and Tomoë)!

I also recently accompanied Rosemood at a wedding fair in London, where I painted watercolours live for those visiting our stand. It gave me a chance to discover the expectations and taste of British brides and grooms-to-be.

Thanks Marguerite for taking the time to share your projects with us. We can’t wait for your new designs to become available on!

You can find some of Marguerite’s beautiful designs within our catalogue of wedding invitations or personalised notecards and read a bit more about her colourful style here!