Order of Service

DIY Day 6

Today we'd like to share an easy way to personalise your order of service or order of the day booklets. A bit of string or ribbon goes a long way to transform your booklets from a handy piece of wedding stationery to a beautiful wedding day accessory.

Order of service or order of the day booklets are a great way to keep guests following along with your wedding festivites. As a bride or groom you've likely spent hours ironing out the fine details of your big day but most of your guests won't know exactly what lies ahead. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for an element of surprise, but a general outline of the wedding ceremony or celebration will surely help to keep your big day running smoothly!

Practicality and aesthetics certainly are not mutually exclusive. You can achieve both with an elegant order of service booklet! At Rosemood we have created high-quality wedding order of service booklets that are perfectly sized to hold standard A4 sheets of paper. These booklets are the foundation of today's DIY. When preparing the inserts for your booklets, simply set your page layout to horizontal and create two columns of text and/or images. Be sure to print enough sheets for all of your guests, fold them in half and slide them neatly into your personalised order of service booklets. To elevate the look of your stationery, you can choose some of your favourite string or ribbon to tie around the middle of each booklet. Not only will this add a lovely touch of personalisation, it will also hold your pages in place, making them easier to transport to the venue and to distribute to your wedding guests.

As far as what you should include in the text of your booklets, that's entirely up to you! You can use them as their name implies and detail the various readings and hymns (depending on the singing abilities of your friends and family) of your religious ceremony or give your guests a timetable of the entire day from your civil ceremony to the after party. Remember, there is no right or wrong way to do things so long as you're happy with the outcome!