flutters into our wedding collection

From the moment we discovered the poetic world of Sybille we were smitten!

Luckily for us, her delicate sketches now adorn our wedding stationery collection, and we can finally show you the end result.

Papillonage x Rosemood

Enchanting is the word that came to mind the first time we met Sibylle, the illustrator and creator behind Papillonnage. We fell head over heels for her work and from the get go we knew that we wanted her to create a new wedding stationery suite especially for Rosemood. 

What better time to give you an insight into Sibylle’s world than with the launch of a new wedding collection by hers truly. We met up with Sibylle to ask her a few questions about her wonderful new collection Love Poems, and to find out more about where her inspiration comes from and what the future holds for Sibylle and Papillonnage.

Hello Sibylle! 

Where does your charming pseudonym name “Papillonnage” come from?

Papillonnage was actually the name I gave my blog ten years ago and it has stuck with me ever since. It comes from the French verb Papillonner meaning ‘to flit or flutter’, like a butterfly that flies back and forth. On the blog, I would write about the fleeting emotions and sensations that we all come across at each passing moment, every gesture, every memory... hence the name Papillonnage


Can you tell us a little bit more about your background, your style and how Papillonnage came to be?

I had a pretty unusual journey to get to where I am today. I did a lot of dancing, then studied Art & Film. I made a short film, won an award for a role in a screenplay and then worked in publishing. After a short break, I worked for five years at Fifi Mandirac, a stationery company. 

I wanted to get into writing so I started my blog, Papillon Papillonnage adding simple and almost childlike sketches to the end of my blog posts. I had never drawn before and I never imagined that people would actually like my drawings so much! 

It was actually my readers who encouraged me to start creating cards and calendars using my sketches and my little phrases, so, without thinking too much about it, I was led down this path to where I am today.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

My emotions are a frequent source of inspiration. I love to delve into feelings associated with romance, melancholy and everyday concerns.

As for my drawings, I am particularly inspired by flowers, plants, the delicacy of twigs and other small wild herbs. Beyond everything botanical, I can be inspired by even the most mundane of objects without being able to explain why. A small shoe, an abandoned chair, an empty birdcage, a pearl necklace, delicate lace …

Tell us about your first meeting with the Rosemood team?

I met with Hélène, Rosemood’s co-founder, and Marion, design team director, in a lovely corner of Paris where they showed me various designs and creations. I was fascinated to discover the wide variety of invitations, cards and beautiful photo albums and was really impressed when I learnt that everything was made in Rosemood’s very own printing studio.

We then scattered my sketches and drawings on the table. I was so taken aback by how enthusiastic they were about my work and touched that they wanted me to create a whole collection for Rosemood. 

How did you come up with the design?

In the beginning I started sketching flowers: big, small, elegant, playful - anything and everything that got me dreaming. Given the stationery is for one of the most beautiful and important days in a person’s life, I wanted to create something that would do it justice. 

In the end, I decided to go with a lily for this collection - chic, poetic and timelessly classic. 

I really hope couples will like this collection as much as I do.

You are currently working on some new baby announcements, can you tell us more about these designs?

As I mentioned earlier, I am often inspired by everyday objects. So without giving too much away, I’ve designed a beautiful collection that has something for everyone, from newborns to parents, big sisters and little brothers… Parents will be able to compose their very own baby announcement card to represent their family.


(Keep an eye out in March!)

Finally, what are your big plans for this new year? 

I would love to have more time to work on my writing and why not a spot of reading ...

At the moment, I write when I have some free time but running a business requires quite a lot of work, but that’s also what I love about it.

Merci beaucoup Sibylle. ♥

All we can say is, we would really recommend checking out the wonderful universe of Papillonnage over on her website or Instagram page which is sure to give you more of an idea of why we just had to work with Sibylle!


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