Photo Booth Fun!

DIY Day 7

It's official! One week of DIY's down and three days to go until goes live! Today we're taking things up a notch with this DIY photo booth background that is sure to impress your wedding guests and entice them to take lovely photos of their (hopefully lovely) faces!

There is nothing more wedding-worthy than a fun photo booth background for your happy (and perhaps slightly tipsy) guests to snap a few photos in front of! You will treasure these photos for a lifetime so it's worth a little extra effort to give them some extra pep. You can make this background with the paper of your choice, some staples, tape and string!

Step 1: Head to your local craft store to purchase sheets of paper in the colours and sizes of your choice. Rectangular sheets work the best but you can make even square sheets work. We chose about three or four colours in about three or four sizes. A bit of variety will add visual interest to your background and help hide an unwanted irregularities!

Step 2: Lay your paper on a flat surface, its shortest side directly in front of you and begin folding your sheets of paper back and forth like an acordian. The depth of your folded strips will determine how far off the wall your DIY paper fans will come. We folded about 3 cm strips and pressed each fold with a ruler to get nice clean folds.

Step 3: Now pinch and fold your accordion in the center and tie a piece of string around this fold to help keep it in place (this will also help you hang your paper fans later on). Then bring the sides of your paper together to create a circle, attaching them with staples or tape (or both, like us). If your sheet of paper isn't long enough to create a full circle, create a half or a quarter circle and combine it with other sheets to complete create a full circle.

Repeat steps 1-3 until you have enough paper fans to cover an area large enough for multiple people to pose in front of. If you're planning on taking a lot of group pictures, the more fans the merrier! We also cut out and glued paper circles of various sizes to the middle of each fan to hide the string/tape/glue we used and give them a clean look. We hung our fans up with strings and tacks but you can also glue them to a solid coloured bed sheet or hang them from a large doorway and let them move about with the breeze.

For a creative way to incorperate the photos from your photo booth into an esort card display, take a look at our DIY Photo Place Card Wall.

If you give this DIY a go, be sure to tag us with #rosemoodDIY on Instagram and let us know how it goes! Cheers!