Place Card Wall

DIY Day 9

Launch day is tomorrow and we saved one of our favourite DIY's for last. This polaroid place card wall will help your wedding guests find their seats all while helping you collect photos of their happy faces on your big day. These quick and easy snapshots make for great keepsakes too!

Wedding Place Cards

You may not be able to make them out with much detail but the above polaroids are of enthusiastic Rosemood-ers, excited to show you just how great today's DIY is! A big round of applause to my co-workers who took their roles as wedding guests very seriously, even at the office at 9 o'clock in the morning! For this DIY you will need, a polaroid camera, some string or twine, miniature clothespins (usually available at your local craft store) and enough place cards for your each of your wedding guests. You may also want to set up your own DIY photo booth as per our earlier wedding DIY!


Step 1: Tie a length of string on whatever board, wall, tree or other surface you have available (get creative, even old windows look great!). Pin at least one place card to the first row of string before adding a second row of string to make sure the second is the appropriate distance from the first. Continue adding rows of string until you have enough space to pin up all of your place cards.

Step 2: If you are having assigned seating at your reception, label your place cards with names on one side and table numbers on the other so that your guests can make their way to the appropriate table. If not, just names will do the trick. Pin each place card onto your string in the same direction leaving enough space for a polaroid between each place card. 

Step 3: Add a small card in the middle of the top row of string to explain to your guests that they should take a photo of themselves and leave it in the space where they take their place card from. We used a blank wedding table number from our wedding stationery collection so that it would perfectly match the place cards.


Step back and watch as your guests have a great time taking instant photos of themselves for your place card wall. Just don't forget to take the photos with you when the big day is over so that you can put them on your refrigerator or in your wedding scrapbook! Also be sure to share a photo of your DIY place card wall with us using the hashtag #rosemoodDIY on Instagram.