Creative ways to display your prints

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No matter what your style you’ll find the perfect print to hang in your home.

Bring your fondest memories to life not just in a photo book on your coffee table but on the walls of your home too. Our stunning collection of photo prints will turn your camera roll into works of art. With our range of templates from simple full-page to statement multi-photo prints you’ll be proud to show off your photos for everyone to see. 

So, you’ve organised your photos, you narrowed it down to your favourite shots, the prints have arrived. Now that your photos have made their way from the cloud into reality, it's time to display them with pride. Not sure how? We asked our Innovation and Design team to show us some of their easy and creative ways to hang up your prints so you can brighten up any living space. 

Foldback clip

A binder clip can be a simple and clean look and it’s simple to use too. All you’ll need is your chosen print and a clip. You could go for a metallic finish or coloured clip to match your surrounding décor then place your print in between the two metal arms and ta-da you have a quick and easy way to display your print.


Washi tape

Yes, you heard us washi tape. It’s a simple, tasteful and quick way for people to get their prints on the wall. No need to worry about making holes, with patterned washi tape you can create an easy and no-fuss display in no time. You can arrange your prints whichever way you like, creating a gallery wall with similar or mismatched sizes or a triptych effect, adding an element of design to your display.

Frame it

Showing off your favourite memories in a frame is a classic way to display your prints. You could try making your print stand out that bit more by choosing a frame that offsets the colour. Add a black frame to contrast with the colours in the print perfectly or a wooden frame for a warm, classic feel. If you have a black and white photo, why not go for a silver or gold frame to bring out the colours even more.

Photo hanger 

You don’t need a frame to hang your print on the wall. A print hanger gives you all the sophistication of a frame plus a unique minimalist appeal that can make the space. Just pick a large photo print that you love and slip it into the hanger and you are good to go.


Au naturel

Bring nature indoors with some string and tape to turn a fallen branch you may have found on your hike into a unique photo display. Just attach pieces of twine around the branch with tape or a simple knot, attach your prints (make sure they are the same size for a more cohesive look) using tape or punch a hole in the corner of your prints, add some colourful pompom balls in between the prints and there you have a complete DIY print display.  

Clothes peg or light garland

This is probably one of the easiest ways for you to display your photos. You will need some string or a light garland, pegs and of course your prints. Attach any length of string along the wall; between bedposts, above your door frame, along a mantle, whatever works for you. Then, using the pegs, clip your prints onto the string, at even or random distances to create your photo garland. Simples!

Block stands

If you have a small space on a mantel or free shelf, a photo block stand will give you a subtle yet sleek way to show off your thick premium photo prints. With minimal effort you can easily switch out photos and it will give that little more stability than standing the prints up against other items. Plus, you can put it just about anywhere.


Floating ledge

If you are looking for a sleek way to showcase your favourite memories, a wooden ledge secured to the wall or set on the mantelpiece is the perfect way to display your pictures and other accessories. You can layer up your photos and swap your prints in and out with the season in a jiffy. A floating ledge will make for a statement design piece in any room of your home.

Hopefully, you have found inspiration from one of our suggestions above and if you have any other ideas on how to hang your prints in your home do not hesitate to let us know below. Happy decorating!