Royal Baby Names

Sticking to tradition

Your new baby will be a prince or a princess in your eyes, so why not give them a name to match? As the speculation hots up around which name Prince Harry and Meghan are going to give their baby, we take a look at the nation’s favourite royal baby names. Take a look which one you think will be top of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s list.

Traditional royal baby name ideas

Royal baby mania is about to take hold again as the British public will be following closely as Prince Harry and Meghan’s first child could be born any day now. Given the growing popularity of the royal family and the strength of their cultural influence, it is unsurprising that more and more royal names have been popping up in the top baby name lists over the last few years. Typically the royals use traditional names that have been used for generations, with Albert and Victoria topping the list of the most popular royal names over the last 200 years. Before we get our baby name sweepstake going in the office, we have decided to take a look at royal baby names over the years to see if we can narrow down the top choices for Harry and Meghan’s first child and share the baby name's worthy of Buckingham Palace.

Royal baby names for boys

Alexander, Alfred, Albert, Andrew, Arthur, Augustus, Charles, David, Edgar, Edmund, Edward, Frances, Frederick, Geoffrey, George, Harold, Henry, James, John, Nicholas, Philip, Richard, Robert, Rupert, Stephen, Thomas, William

Royal baby names for boys

Royal baby names for girls

Agatha, Alexandra, Alice, Amelia, Anne, Beatrice, Camilla, Caroline, Catherine, Charlotte, Diana, Elizabeth, Frances, Gabriella, Grace, Helen, Isabella, Louise, Margaret, Mary, Matilda, Philippa, Sarah, Sophia, Victoria

Royal baby names for girls
Modern royal baby names

Royal baby names with a modern twist

If you want to give a nod to traditional British baby names but give them a more of a modern feel, abbreviating some of the classics is a good option. Here a few examples to give you some ideas.

Baby boy names

Alex, Alfie, Charlie, Eddie, Frankie, Freddie, Harry, Jamie, Mike, Nick, Ollie, Rob, Tom, Teddy

Baby girl names

Alex, Anna, Bella, Beth, Ella, Gabbie, Kate, Lisa, Liz, Lottie, Meghan (of course), Pippa, Vicky

Unexpected royal baby names

Whilst William and Kate chose a traditional European royal name, their choice of Louis still came as a surprise seeing as it was a bit more French than British. It appears that the younger generation of royals is less afraid to stray from tradition, (especially those further down the pecking order when it comes to being in line to the throne). Here are some of the more unusual royal baby names from recent years, including some examples from other royal families around the world. Not sure that Harry and Meghan will be choosing any of these. What do you think?

Adrienne, Beatrix, Charlene, Cosima, Estelle, Eugenie, Gisela, Isla, Jassim, Laila, Lena, Leonor, Letsie, Liam, Madeleine, Maud, Maxima, Mia, Naylah, Noor, Pauline, Rania, Savannah, Sibylla, Thyra, Zara, Vincent

classic royal baby names

We’d love to hear what name you think the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will choose. The top favourites at the moment are Alice, Diana, Elizabeth and Victoria for a girl and Arthur, Charles and James for a boy. As the seventh person in line to the throne, he or she is likely to have a true royal name, but Harry and Meghan may be full of surprises. Will you be looking to follow in the footsteps of the royals or will you be staying clear of these royal baby names seeing as there are likely to be a lot of children named after the royal baby in your child’s class at school! If you need more name inspiration for your little one, take a look at our top baby names for 2019.

Buckingham Palace Image: David Iliff via Wikimedia Commons