DIY Summer Games

Keep the kids busy this summer!

Looking for ways to occupy the kids these summer holidays? Whether you need to entertain them in the car, on the beach or just on a rainy day, we have 3 easy DIY kids games for you. All you need is a pen and some paper to create hours of fun for you and your family!

Simple summer games for kids

We all know that feeling when you can start to count down to the summer holidays, dreaming of days on the beach, building sandcastles with the kids, playing ball games and riding the waves! However, family holidays aren't always blissful, as even the joys of the beach and the most exotic holiday destinations cannot spare us from the fact that every now and then we need to have a list of holiday activities to hand to keep the kids entertained! Parents will be listening out for the dreaded "We're bored!" or "What are we going to do now?", so help is at hand with these simple summer games. Our top three games, which require only paper and pens, will allow you to create a simple activity for the whole family or to make the most of a few minutes' peace as your children play these games together. These DIY summer games should generally be adapted to the youngest players so that the whole family can join in the fun. 

1. Car Games For Kids: Car Bingo

Car bingo game for kids

In addition to music and books, you may want to have a few other tricks up your sleeves to keep the kids distracted during your long car journey. That way when the famous question “Are we there yet?” leaves your children’s mouths for the fifth time, you can go ahead and pull out your secret weapon: car bingo! Simply write out a grid with makes of car on a piece of paper to create bingo cards for every player. Everyone can then keep their eyes peeled to spot the makes of car featured on their bingo grid, ready to cross them off one by one. The winner will be the first one to get a line, (whether that be diagonal, horizontal or vertical). Got a long journey ahead of you? Play until someone has a full house. This game can be adapted to suit the age of your children. For a harder game, have them find licence plates from different countries, whilst for younger children, stick to spotting car colours. 

The options are endless as your car bingo grids can even be adapted to include road signs or local landmarks.

This "Car Bingo" is written on note cards from our beautiful "Porto Vecchio" stationery set.

2. Beach Games For Kids: Seaside Scavenger Hunt

Once the kids, (or Dad), has had enough of building sandcastles, have the kids take part in a seaside scavenger hunt. Simply write out a list of things that you can find on the beach and then go off exploring. Include things such as seashells, heart-shaped pebbles and feathers. Why not split off into teams and get some sibling rivalry going. The winners will be the first ones to collect all the objects! We will leave you to decide whether you are playing for family pride or for ice creams. Alternatively, you can fill your list with things to see at the beach rather than things to collect. That means that your children can take in the wonders of the seaside, ticking off things such as sailboats and seagulls.  

We are sure that you will agree that many of our personalised note cards are perfect for a summer treasure hunt.

Beach treasure hunt games for kids

3. Rainy Day Games: "Who am I?"

Rainy day games for kids

This game can help you have hours of family fun even on a rainy day and can be adapted to players of all ages. Simply write the names of characters from your children’s favourite books, films and TV series on small pieces of paper and then mix them up. Each player should pick a card and then stick it to their forehead, without looking at the name of their character. (Post-it notes are ideal for this game). Once everyone has their character, all players should take turns in asking “yes” or “no” questions in an attempt to work out their own identity. It is always helpful to start with general questions such as “Am I female?” or “Am I a character from a book?”. Each player can ask multiple questions in one go, but as soon as the answer to one of his or her questions is “no”, you should move onto the next player. The first person to guess the name of his or her character will be crowned the winner!

Our “Papel Picado” note cards were used to write these cute name tags, and make lovely playing cards that you can hang onto ready for your next family holiday!

Now that you have discovered our top summer games, you just need to stock up on some pens and paper before heading off on your holidays. We hope that your summer holidays are filled with great adventures and hours of fun! We would love to hear where you are spending your holidays this year or even to see a photo of you playing one of our DIY summer games! Don't forget to send us a postcard from your 2018 summer holidays to receive a lovely pack of note cards. Send your postcard to the address in the footer of our blog and make sure that you include your name and address in the message on your postcard so that we know where to send your goodies!