Wedding Favours

DIY gifts for guests!

Wedding favours are no longer all about the sugared almonds, so with a whole host of options out there, it isn’t easy to decide what wedding favours to choose for your guests. If you are looking to treat your wedding guests to lovely keepsakes, whilst sticking to that all-important wedding budget, then help is at hand with our DIY wedding favour ideas.

Wedding Favours

Wedding favours are a completely optional part of your big day but can be a nice touch to thank your guests for their presence at your wedding. Wedding favours can double up as table decorations and often give your guests a lovely souvenir from your special day. These little gifts do not have to be expensive and you can save some of your precious wedding budget for that killer dress or your dream wedding cake by making your own wedding favours. There are endless options for what you can offer your wedding guests, and DIY wedding favours will make your little gifts even more special. Here are some of our favourite DIY wedding favour ideas to satisfy everyone from foodies to your green-fingered guests!

Turn your wedding favours into a wedding candy bar

Looking for a crowd pleaser when it comes to your wedding favours? You can’t go wrong with sweets! Either present your guests with individual bags of sweets, labelled with their names, or have them help themselves from your DIY sweet cart! A stylish bag or jar can even make penny sweets look glamorous, and the addition of a label or even just a ribbon can turn your bag of jellybeans into an elegant part of your wedding tablescape!

Sweet carts or candy bars are all the rage for trendy weddings and all you need is a few vintage sweetie jars, paper bags and some of your favourite treats! You can even use matching place cards to label the different types of sweets that you have on offer. Allow your guests to fill up their bag with their favourite sweets before they head home, and we are sure the kids will love helping themselves throughout the day!

Wedding candy bar

Eco-friendly wedding favours

Wedding favour flower seeds

If you are looking to treat your guests to something that will last much longer than the sweet treats in your wedding candy bar or on the desserts table, then why not give them some wedding favour seeds. Your friends and family will be able to plant the seeds in their garden after the wedding, acting as a reminder of your special day for years to come. Why not choose seeds for flowers that match your wedding bouquet or just choose plants that can flourish in any environment!

Simply pop the seeds into brown paper bags and label with some of our wedding favour gift tags. Otherwise, personalise one of our save the date cards with instructions on when and how to plant the seeds to make sure that everyone can get the most of our their wedding favour seeds! These DIY wedding favours are a budget- and eco-friendly addition to any rustic wedding!

Wedding favours from the local area

Given that many of your guests may never have visited your hometown and may be travelling quite a distance for the wedding, it is nice to treat them to wedding favours from your local area. Pick a tasty treat that your region is famous for such as honey, biscuits or cakes. You could even give making your own jam or chutney a try using local ingredients or recipes! Your guests are sure to appreciate the extra effort that you have gone to, and they will be able to think of you and your wedding every time they reach for that little jar at breakfast time!

Wedding favour honey

We opted for local honey for our DIY wedding favours. Separate out some honey into miniature jars and then tie wedding favour gift tags around the jars with a piece of ribbon or string that matches your wedding colour scheme. Labelled wedding favours can also act as place cards to help guide guests to their seats, ticking two things off your wedding checklist in one go!

Charity wedding favours

Wedding favour donation card

If there is a cause that is close to your hearts then why not give a donation to charity instead of buying wedding favours. Use the money that you would have spent on these little thank-you gifts to support the charity of your choice. Personalise one of our save the date cards or wedding invitations with the information about your chosen charity to explain this nice gesture to your wedding guests. They will love knowing that in celebrating your wedding they are also helping support a good cause!

Some British charities now offer a range of wedding favours that you can buy with the money going straight to the charity. These charity wedding favours include pin badges and keyrings that your guests can keep to raise awareness of your chosen charity. These charity wedding favours are the best of both worlds with your guests still getting a little keepsake to take home.

Now that we have given you some of our favourite ideas for DIY wedding favours, and have even dug out our favourite wedding favour puns, the rest is up to! Once you decide what you are going to offer your guests as wedding favours, you can get down to making them. Why not draft in your bridesmaids or groomsmen to get a production line going? For more inspiration for DIY wedding favours, take a look at our DIY place cards made from mini succulents. Don't forget that, along with your wedding stationery, your wedding favours can become elegant elements of your wedding table decorations, and will help bring your wedding theme or colour scheme together! We look forward to hearing what DIY wedding favours you come up with and wish you all the best for your wedding planning!