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Getting Ready

Capture the excitement as you get ready for the biggest day of your life! A morning filled with fun, champagne and even a few tears makes for some great photo opportunities that will allow you to reflect on the nerves and emotions of you and your loved ones. Let your photographer know which shots you would like for your album to make sure that you record everything from your matching getting ready outfits to your wedding shoes!

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You will have been planning for and dreaming of this day for a long time now and the moment has finally arrived! A mixture of excitement and nerves will be mounting in you and your loved ones, making for a very special atmosphere. From your transformation into a blushing bride to your Dad’s first reaction at seeing you in your dress, these emotional moments are ones that you will treasure forever. Surrounded by your closest friends and family, getting ready for your wedding is a very special moment that should be captured for your wedding photo album!

Photographing both the bride and groom when they are getting ready will allow them to look back and see how each of them experienced the run-up to their wedding ceremony. This is also a great opportunity to capture the sentimental details and photograph all the smaller elements of your wedding.

Many of these getting ready wedding pictures will speak for themselves as we witness the brides reaction when she sees herself in the mirror for the first time or the emotion on Mum's face as she proudly pins the groom’s buttonhole to his suit.

Hopefully, these top tips and the getting ready snaps from photographers Jamie and Marvin will give you plenty of getting ready photo ideas to discuss with your wedding photographer!

getting ready together wedding photos
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Must-have bride getting ready photos

1. Team bride - get plenty of candid pictures as you and your favourite girls enjoy getting ready together! You may also want to capture the faces of your bridesmaids and loved ones when they see you in your dress for the first time! Whether you start off the day with a champagne breakfast or get straight into the preparations, capture the smiles, laughter and tears with your getting ready photos!

2. Beauty snaps - Ask your photographer to arrive towards the tail end of getting hair and makeup done, so they can take some photos of you getting all glammed up, as well as close-ups of your beauty details, such as your chosen hair accessory or your perfume.

3. The detail of your dress - there will be plenty of shots of you in your dress taken throughout the day, but make sure that you get some shots of the laced detailed that you fell in love with.

4. Getting into your dress - a snapshot of your Mum lovingly zipping or buttoning up your dress is a lovely addition to your photo album. 

5. Putting on your veil - the veil is the final touch as you transform into a blushing bride.

Must-have groom getting ready photos

Whilst the groom and his entourage will not spend as long getting ready as the girls, it is still important to capture the excitement building amongst the groom’s family as it is his day too!

1. Buttonholes - Make sure that your photographer takes a photo of the beautiful buttonholes before they undergo the wear and tear of the day. It is also a lovely moment when a family member or your best man helps you pin on your buttonhole!

groom wedding photos
groom getting ready wedding photos

2. The finishing touches - capture a classic shot of you tying your tie or putting in your cufflinks to show off the attention to detail put into your outfits. 

3. Groomsmen - take a photo of you all in your matching suits. Have your photographer capture the camaraderie, playfulness and even nerves!

4. With the parents - these photos will speak for themselves when you see the pride on Mum and Dad’s face! 

5. Getting to the venue - whilst you wait for your beautiful bride, have your photographer take a few relaxed photos of you and your main men!

Top tips for your getting ready wedding photos

1. Choose the right room- get ready in a spacious room where there will be enough room for all of your entourage as well as the photographer. You will also want to think about choosing a room with good natural light to make for high-quality photos! 

2. Keep your room tidy so that your wedding photos are not cluttered! 

3. Get ready last so that the people helping you apply the finishing touches are already spic and span for the photos. 

4. Capture any sentimental details - If you are wearing your grandmother’s locket or are sending a special gift to the groom on the day, let your photographer know in advance so that he or she doesn’t miss these important details.

5. It’s not just about the bride and groom - whilst they are obviously the most important people on the day, capturing candid shots of loved ones is the best way to reflect the genuine emotion of the big day for all those involved! Proud parents are a must have for a wedding photo album!

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Photo Credit

Many thanks to Jamie and Marvin from Aachen, Germany for these getting ready wedding photos! We can't get enough of their stunning shots and they may just inspire your list of must-have wedding photos!

Check out more of their beautiful wedding photography here:


Instagram: @jamieundmarvin