2021, stronger together

We struggled, we responded and most importantly we stood together. We showed ourselves that we are capable of achieving incredible things even in the face of adversity.

Personalised Notebooks

What a year!

Despite everything, there were some silver linings: we learned to pull together, stand together, struggle together, we rose to the challenge and ultimately we made it work. We have all shown that we are capable of achieving incredible things when we had to overcome disbelief, anguish, the loss of our bearings, our children under our feet when working from home, missing our loved ones so much and many other difficulties. We sure are looking forward to turning the page on this chapter.

I hope, from the bottom of my heart, that in 2021 you will have the opportunity to see your family and friends whenever you want, that you will once again enjoy being with your loved ones, without fearing for their health or yours. Even though we are not quite there yet, as we enter the new year, I am convinced that it will ultimately all work out!

Atelier Rosemood 2021

Thank you!

As for us, your support has kept our studio on the right track. Reading each and every one of your messages, reviews and comments left over Christmas warmed our hearts. We design and print your creations with great passion and care, so it's a real reward for us to know that all the Rosemood products you have given or sent this year have brought joy to your loved ones, have touched their hearts, even moved them.

We are well aware that our studio has been very fortunate over this period. We have been able to achieve 15% growth this year thanks to you and your orders, a wonderful stroke of luck, that's for sure! As you can imagine, we were badly affected by the cancellation of weddings - and therefore a complete halt on all things wedding… - but thankfully our photo book sales really took off and we managed to pull through. The time that you had to spend indoors in your homes going through your photos, was time that you also dedicated to us and we couldn’t be more grateful.

Working together

All this said, we cannot help but think about all the other businesses who haven’t been so lucky this last year. Today there is such a significant gap between those who are managing to benefit from the crisis and those who are suffering from it. It would be great to see an exceptional support structure put in place by the French government and the companies for whom the crisis has had a positive impact to donate something to help those who are still struggling. It would probably be minute in comparison to what is needed or measured against the colossal debt that the French government has gotten into to help us all, but at least it would be something and we are prepared to do our bit.

This does not, of course, prevent each company from taking individual action, defending a particular cause, but implementing this type of action on a collective level would have a completely different meaning. It would also give greater meaning to our work, so that our own success is thanks to and contributes to our clients, our teams, but also those who need it most.

Rosemood ensemble
Atelier Rosemood - know how

New challenges

In 2020, we launched a number of great new products: photo prints, personalised notebooks and a range of new calendar formats. Our product range has gone from strength to strength enabling us to be ambitious for the year ahead. Nevertheless, as the year unfolds, we feel the need to breathe a sigh of relief. We can be proud that these developments have made our year an incredible success and will carry us through to 2021! We know, however, that we need to continue to strengthen the business by further improving our existing products and enhancing your experience, both on the web and mobile.

We are also proud to have been able to support the work of La Fondation de France (The Paris and French Hospital Boards) and Break Poverty (a foundation whose mission is to fight against poverty). We are also aware that tomorrow's world will not be built without a collective commitment to reduce the environmental footprint of our human activities, and we will continue to search for the best solutions to reduce our environmental impact.

Bonne année à tous!