Meet Heidi

Our Vintage Press

We are going to treat you to a behind-the-scenes look at our very own printing studio here in Nantes, France! If you have been wondering how we add the touch of sparkle to our glamorous foiled stationery, then read on for more information about the fascinating art of hot foil stamping!

Rosemood Hot Foil Stamping Machine

Everyday life at the printing atelier runs to the rhythm of the multiple machines that we need to create your personalised stationery. Since the end of autumn 2016, the mechanical soundtrack of the printing studio has featured a new instrument, with the addition of the soft and regular pneumatic hisses of our artisanal foil stamping machine!

Our beautiful Heidelberg press, (affectionately known as Heidi by our colleagues from the printing studio), is a traditional air-powered gilding machine, dedicated to the most poetic of printing techniques: hot foil stamping.

What is hot foil stamping?” we hear you ask! Let us explain this stationery lingo!

Foil stamping stencils for Love Letters wedding stationery suite

Hot foil stamping is a printing technique that allows us to apply a film of high-quality metallic foil to our personalised stationery, thanks to a system of pneumatics and heat. We have created metal stencils for each of our foiled designs, that are then heated up and used to press a thin layer of foil onto chosen elements of the text or illustration.

Here at Rosemood, our vintage Heidelberg press is in the expert hands of Alice and Thadée, who carefully apply the glittering foil to your personalised stationery every day. Their work is one of precision and care, using traditional techniques! They need to use their foil stamping know-how to regulate the setup, calibration and temperature of our gilding press. Each design demands a different iron stencil, with each stencil working best at different temperatures.

Sound complicated?

Thankfully, at your end all you need to do is choose from our elegant gold, silver or on-trend copper foils, and the rest is up to Alice and Thadée! Our metallic foils replicate the look of precious metals giving your stationery a touch of luxury, without stretching your budget!

A few days ago, we were at the atelier when they were applying our beautiful gold foil to some of your “Love Letters” wedding invitations. We took the opportunity to film these wedding invitations as they went through the wheels of our precious Heidi, to show you how our foil stamped wedding invitations really are a labour of love! Check out this video below.

Foil Stamping Rosemood Love Letters wedding invitations

As you can tell, we are passionate about traditional hot foil stamping and our talented designers are too! For a year and a half now they have been coming up with more and more beautiful designs featuring a touch of our glittering foil! Check out some of these designs in our catalogue of foiled wedding invitations or foiled baby announcements.

We love the extra sparkle and shine that our luxurious metallic foiling gives your wedding stationery so be sure to follow us on Instagram to keep an eye out for the newest additions to our range of foiled designs!