Hard at Work

Our atelier in action

Take a sneak peek at our printing studio colleagues hard at work to see how they go above and beyond to produce your stunning personalised stationery. Get an insight into each stage of production through the hands of our stationery experts and the lens of our internal photographer.

Behind the scenes at the printing studio

Everyday life at the printing atelier runs to the rhythm of the multiple machines that we need to create your personalised stationery. Each machine is manipulated with great precision by our expert colleagues, with each gesture seeming fluid and effortless. Some of our colleagues moved so fast that we had to ask them to work in slow motion so that we had time to capture their hands in action!

Our printing studio is a hive of activity with each piece of stationery passing through the hands of our different teams. The journey starts with our printing team, who expertly calibrate and operate our top-of-the-range digital printers. Below, you can see Rémi checking that the different colours are printed perfectly!

Once printed, your stationery or photo books will go through our façonnage team, where we can find Nico and Maugane. Façonnage is a fancy French word that encompasses cutting, folding and binding so this is where the finishing touches are applied to your cards and invites.

Foiled stationery takes a detour via our hot foil stamping experts Thadée and Thibault, who use our impressive Heidelberg press, (otherwise known as Heidi), to apply our luxurious gold, silver or copper foil to your stationery.

Your personalised stationery is paired up with the necessary envelopes and then filmed and packaged for shipping. Our dispatch team, including Cédric and Amandine, put together boxes in a flash leaving us to look on in awe at their production line!

Spending the afternoon at our printing studio has given us a real insight into how many hands it takes to create your stationery from A to Z. Take a look at a few of them in action and you will see that your stationery is in safe hands with Rosemood.

Printing colorimetry
Stationery printing techniques
Vintage foiling press
Rosemood luxurious foil stamping
Rosemood Atelier Printing
Preparing your personalised stationery
Personalised stationery packaging