Tour Our Atelier

It's Stationery Week!

It's National Stationery Week in the UK and we thought it would be only fitting to take you on a tour of our Atelier (the fancy French term for our printing studio) today to celebrate! We're proud to produce our stationery in-house and even more proud of our talented team at the Atelier!

While we have some pretty impressive machinery at the atelier, I'd like to start off by talking about our team. For one, because none of our presses would work without them and for two, because they are at the heart of each and every product that is shipped out of our workshop every day. Our stationery is only as good as our team and I don't mean to brag (or do I?) but our team is pretty phenomenal. Ivann, David, Nicolas, Thadée (I bet you don't have many Thadée's in the UK), Thibault, Sandrine, Sébastien, Remi and Alice are at the studio day in and day out making sure that all of our customers' orders are printed and shipped with care while also managing to respond to the sometimes (most of the time?) crazy requests of the marketing team. A massive cheers to you Team Atelier!

I'll stop sucking up for now (just looking out for you future UK customers!) and quit gushing about our team. Before orders even arrive to the atelier, our presses must be carefully calibrated to make sure all of your images and designs are true to colour. Above to the left, you will see Sébastien carefully inspecting test images to ensure that the upcoming run will come out just right. This process is repeated as many times as necessary each day to make sure every single card is of the highest quality. Once orders have been printed, they are then cut to size and given any requested treatments (foil-stamping, rounded corners...) before heading off to join their envelopes for shipping. Above to the right, you will see Sandrine carefully sorting through orders, preparing them to be posted.

As I quickly mentioned above, once orders are printed, some of them receive a little extra special treatment including foil stamping. Alice is at the helm of our authentic Heidelberg printing press, adding gold, silver or (oh so trendy) copper foil with expertise and precision. She is a pro at hot stamping, the artisanal foil-stamping method we are proud to use where metallic foils are pressed onto paper using heated moulds (shown above). Foil-stamped designs are regularly being added to our collection and will soon be available on! Let us know what foil-stamped designs you would like to see available in the comments below!