Baby Stationery Trends 2019

The Rosemood Family

It’s Marion, our Creative Director, who kicks off the first episode of our “Rosemood Family” series! We decided to quiz her on the baby stationery trends for 2019 to give you a sneak peek at the exciting new designs coming soon.

Baby stationery trends for 2019

We couldn’t wait to share the first episode in our interview series “Rosemood Family” to give you a glimpse of life here at Rosemood, and an insight into the roles of our different teams. As you get to know more about our Rosemood colleagues and what we do to bring you stunning stationery, we hope that you will feel like part of our Rosemood family.

It’s Marion who kicks off our first episode of this interview series, but before we launch into her questions and answer session, we would love to let you know a little more about Marion! She actually worked as a Creative Manager at Dior for nearly ten years before joining us at Rosemood, and she also created her very own design and scenography studio, known as Mamasan. Today, she heads up our creative and product innovation team and uses her wealth of experience to help us think up new stationery collections and anticipate the invitation and card trends of tomorrow.

We, therefore, took the opportunity to ask her a few questions about the top baby stationery trends for 2019, thinking about our collections of baby thank you cards and baby announcements.

So, if you are still hesitating between a family of animals or a flower crown to help announce the birth of your new baby, or you are wondering what is THE design of baby thank you card to let your loved ones know how grateful you are for all of their kind gifts and support, this video is for you! Marion gives us an insight into both timeless and trendy designs, helping all types of parents find the perfect stationery to share their exciting news!