Our Creative Process

A botanical brief

Artists and designers are looking to the natural world for their inspiration, and lush foliage and rich green hues have been taking over our wardrobes and homes. Read on to find out how the creative design team at Rosemood has taken this botanical trend and transformed it into beautiful personalised stationery!

Rosemood botanical inspiration for personalised stationery

The creative process: How an idea becomes reality

Rosemood creative design team at work

This week we are giving you a look at our creative process! Discover how our creative design team decipher the latest trends and work closely with our internal and external designers, to bring you our latest personalised stationery.

The office of our creative design team is the starting point for all of our lovely stationery collections. The team hunts high and low for the latest trends whether that be on Pinterest, in the shops, on the catwalk or at different fairs and exhibitions. They note down and pin their ideas to create mood boards that form the basis of their requests to designers for new stationery collections.

Our creative directors, Camille and Caroline, then put together a brief for our external designers based on the trends that they wish to bring to life. This brief makes its way to our designers close to home in Nantes, La Rochelle and Paris, but also travels across the Atlantic to our designers based in New York.

It is the sketches and brushstrokes of these designers that will define our latest collections of personalised stationery. Each designer will interpret the chosen trend in their own way, according to their individual style and inspiration. It is then our creative design team that turns these beautiful illustrations and paintings into stationery that you can use for those special occasions!

Drawing inspiration from various sources such as beautiful illustrations from the designer Vikki Chu, clothing from Zara and DIY wreaths from liliinwonderland.fr, our creative design team looked to our external designers to create new stationery designs in line with the current botanical trend. Believe us, they did not disappoint! Read on to see how our external designers managed to wow us with everything from lush foliage to beautiful cacti.

Rosemood creative design team inspiration

The wonders of a botanical garden

Botanical gardens are a treasure trove of local and exotic plants, with everything from lush greenery to delicate flowers. A visit to botanical gardens can transport you from a peaceful walk through the forest to a trip through the jungle, with each season bringing new delights. The natural world offers such a variety of plants that it is no surprise that our designers have explored the multiple shades of green and plephora of textures in such different ways, taking inspirations from around the globe!

Rosemood watercolour stationery

Tropical plants and prints have become a fashionable addition to our homes and have had us all dreaming of exotic holidays to paradise destinations. Mr and Mrs Clynk have embraced this botanical trend to create these fun “Tropical Forest” photo baby announcements, filled with tropical banana plants and giant areca palms.

Meanwhile, the talented designer Petite Alma has created two very different collections of rustic wedding stationery, drawing inspiration from forest foliage and garden flowers. The varying watercolour brushstrokes give her "Forest Whisper" wedding invitations and “One Spring Day” save the date cards a truly organic feel, and explore the wealth of textures that foliage and flowers have to offer!

Refined botanical beauty

The classical and elegant side of the botanical trend also came through, with delicate flowers at the forefront of many designs. Nantes based designers Mr and Mrs Clynk found their inspirations in Asian floral motifs, creating a beautiful web of delicate flowers for our “Reflections” wedding invitations.

Meanwhile, the renowned wedding dress designer Laure de Sagazan found her inspiration a little closer to home, as our “Laure de Sagazan wedding invitations” marry the delicacy of traditional Calais lace with the wonders of the natural world. A harmonious blend of embroidery and blossoms gives rise to this bohemian wedding stationery collection, which also features our artisanal hot foil stamping. The botanical motifs are rendered sublime by the shimmering foil, showing that botanical beauty can be created in a variety of mediums and styles.

Elegant Rosemood floral wedding stationery

Botanical prints and illustrations

Cabinets of curiosities have been given a new lease of life thanks to our current love for everything green, with clippings and specimens popping up all across Pinterest! It is not only the richness of colours, offered by these plants, that has inspired our designers, but also the variety of forms! Botanical prints focus on the beautiful details of plants and flowers, that give them their distinctive features, making them instantly recognisable. Our personalised stationery designs play with the silhouettes of leaves and branches to create beautiful motifs, such as the printed ferns from our “Londres” stationery set and the delicate branches of our “Jubilation” christening invitations.

Botanical prints Rosemood stationery

Mini terrariums containing our favourite low-maintenance plants, cacti and succulents, are also all the rage, and have been popping up in homes and on desks across the country over the last few years! Here at Rosemood, it is the designer Marguerite Courtieu who decided to embrace these prickly plants in all of their beauty for her botanical illustrations. Her note card in our “Mexico” stationery set and her “Cacti Cactus” posters show off cacti in many different shapes and sizes, often with beautiful flowers! We love cacti and succulents so much that we have even used them to create DIY place cards that could inspire your wedding table decorations!

We are sure that you will agree that our creative design team definitely made the right decision to have our designers embrace everything botanical, because it is turning out to be one the flagship trends of 2018! It is amazing how one theme can result in such a wide variety of beautiful personalised stationery! So whether you are planning a rustic wedding, announcing the birth of your new baby, or organising a spring christening, you are sure to find the botanical design for you in our catalogues of wedding stationerybaby announcements and christening stationery!