Cards on the Table

Meet the SEO Sarahs

We thought that it was about time you got to know the people behind our product descriptions and blog articles, so Rosemood’s two Sarahs, who look after SEO and content creation for our UK and German websites, have laid their cards on the table in our card-themed interview!

Rosemood UK and German Teams: Meet the Sarahs

Given that they both have the same name and are even the same age, before we kick off the interview we had better let you know which Sarah is which! On the left we have Sarah B from Rosemood's UK team, and on the right Sarah K, from our German team.

Hello Sarah and Sarah, can you tell us a little bit about yourselves? What would your business cards say about you?

Sarah B: Sarah, 26. British countryside girl, who found herself in Nantes after falling for a Frenchman. I started off at Rosemood as a Customer Service Representative, helping our lovely customers across the channel, but have recently become the Editor and SEO content creator for our UK site.

Sarah K: Sarah, 26, Austrian mountain veteran, who fell in love with the French seaside and decided to stay. I work in the German marketing department for Rosemood as Editor and SEO content creator - this means I write texts for Rosemood’s website and blog, that are meant to be enjoyed by our clients, (as well as Google)!

Which card from the Rosemood catalogue do you like the best?

Sarah B: I love our “Watercolour Meadow” wedding stationery suite. The delicate blossoms add a real touch of romance, and given that the weather here in Nantes has been terrible for a few weeks now, this Save the date gives a refreshing taste of spring! It is also great knowing that the design was hand-painted exclusively for Rosemood by the talented designer Marguerite Courtieu.

Sarah K: I adore our baby announcement card “Watercolour Splash” from the designer Tomoë. Mainly because I love the colour scheme and I think people would be happy to stick the card on their fridge. But also because it reminds me of a sort of “baby's first art lesson” and I like that idea a lot. I love our textured ivory paper and think that watercolour prints look particularly amazing on it.

UK Rosemood Team: Sarah

If we could invent a card game out of all your qualities, what would be your joker?

Sarah B: My Gaelic Football skills. I don’t think that would appear on many other people’s cards, so it must win me a few points! I discovered the sport here in Nantes and am now part of the women’s team.

Sarah K: The “bumble-bee dance”, where everyone starts laughing because of my weird, (one could also say “endearing”), dance moves allowing me to run across the finish line unnoticed. I figured out a while back that being weird and imperfect gives me way more advantages in life than I had previously thought.

If an unlimited gold-platinum credit card would suddenly drop into your lap, what would you buy first? And why?

Sarah B: I would love to have a private plane that I could share with my family so that we could visit each other more easily and more often! It is not so simple to get back to my little village in the North of England from Nantes.

Sarah K: That's an easy one: I would buy a house on the west coast of France with a view of the ocean. The house would have to be old, with a lot of charm and light. A few more bedrooms would be nice so that I can invite friends and family over. I love living in the city during the week, but I prefer to spend my weekends on the beach!

If we could read your tarot cards, what would you like to know about your future?

Sarah B: For now, I am pretty content with my work and personal situation, so I prefer the suspense of what awaits me in the future. I once had a tarot reading, just for fun, and really the lady talked more about things that had already happened than what was to come! I am a firm believer in the fact that everything happens for a reason, so I am happy not to know in advance what is coming my way!

Sarah K: I don’t believe in tarot cards. But I am currently asking my crystal ball every morning when I am going to get rich and famous. I am still waiting for a satisfactory answer!

When you’re learning a new language, which words come first on your vocabulary index cards?

Sarah B: A bit boring, but if I am travelling to a country, where I don’t know the language, I always try to learn how to say at least “Hello”, “Thank You’ and “Goodbye”, and how to ask for something in shops or restaurants. We are so lucky as native English speakers that so many people in the world learn English, but we shouldn’t take that for granted!

Sarah K: “Sorry”, because I am a very polite person and also a little bit clumsy. I also like to know how to order beer when I am abroad. Not only because I like the beverage, but also because it diminishes communication problems in a very simple way.

German Rosemood Team: Sarah

If you could reshuffle the cards within Rosemood, what would you change?

Sarah B: Given that I have only been here a couple of months, I am still discovering the inner workings of Rosemood. For now, there isn’t anything that springs to mind instantly that I would want to change! There is a great atmosphere at work and Rosemood organises plenty of events to get all of us together.

Sarah K: I would add a petting zoo to our communal areas. I really like hugging little goats. I also think that the chickens that already live outside of our office building would love the company. Other than that, I am pretty content.

Thanks for taking the time to let us get to know you a bit more Sarah and Sarah. We look forward to reading more inspirational stationery ideas from you soon!

P.S. We can’t wait to see Sarah K’s bumble bee dance at the next Rosemood event!