Hello London!

Our First Focus Group

I’m sitting on the Gatwick express headed to the airport with a grin on my face and it’s not just because I have enough pocket change left to get one more British treat before bake-off take-off. It has been a whirlwind trip to London to host our first focus group and I’m tickled to share it all with you in this blog post!

It seemed simple enough to me – if we’re going to launch a line of stationery in the UK then we need to go there! I had spent many hours researching online, but nothing beats having feet on the ground and speaking with actual potential customers. So it was decided, we would leave Rosemood HQ behind for a couple of days and head to London to host two focus groups!

There was one catch though, how to summon enough participants to our focus groups to get answers to all of our most pressing questions? A little afternoon tea was sure to do the trick! The Biscuiteers shop on Northcote Road was kind enough to host us and we treated our participants (and ourselves) to tea, sandwiches and the most adorable hand-iced biscuits you ever did see. Rosemood founder, Grégoire, or “Greg” as he introduced himself while in London, even got to try a scone.. or two… or three…

All food-related joy aside though, we had a grand old time with our focus group participants! We started off in the afternoon with some lovely Clapham mums and an experienced British Bridal designer who gave us a thorough explanation of traditional British stationery design and etiquette. Then in the evening we met with a group of equally lovely ladies who shared with us some current trends as well as their personal design preferences. It was interesting to see what everyone agreed and disagreed on and how their reactions to some of Rosemood’s designs aligned and differed.

Overall we left feeling inspired, thrilled with the outcome of both focus groups! Thank you ladies, we hope to see you again soon!