Meet Charlotte

Rosemood's Product Manager

This week we met up with Charlotte, from our technical support team, who is Rosemood's new "Product Owner". Read on to find out more about what she does here at Rosemood, and to discover her love for the sun, cheesy films and the British Royal family.

Rosemood Product Owner Charlotte

Hello Charlotte, can you tell us a bit more about how you came to work at Rosemood and what you do as a Product Owner?

Before arriving at Rosemood, I worked as a store manager for ba&sh and just before that at Sézane. My husband and I had been hoping to leave the bright lights of Paris for a while when I applied for the role as Product Owner at Rosemood last July.

I have been at Rosemood for just over 3 months now and my role is to ensure that everything on the website is running smoothly. I prioritise requests for modifications to our website, help fix bugs with our developers and make sure that the website keeps evolving thanks to additional features and functionalities.


Which card from the Rosemood catalogue do you like the best?

I love the "Watercolour Flowers" baby announcements from the French website. I think they are so delicate and poetic. If I were to have a girl I would definitely order these baby announcements.  (Charlotte is holding this design in the photo above and we even managed to persuade her to add one of her own baby photos!)

The foiled “Elegant Foliage” baby announcement is up there with my favourite designs too. I even chose this design for my baby announcements for my son.


Which celebrities would you most like to eat dinner with?

First of all, it would have to be Pio Marmaï (a French actor) ♥ Also Barack Obama for all the interesting stories he could tell! Nora Hamzawi would also be good company as she could make jokes throughout the meal. And finally Kate Middleton and Prince William. Oh and also Leonardo Di Caprio for the 11-year-old me!


If an unlimited gold-platinum credit card would suddenly drop into your lap, what would you buy first? And why?

A beautiful house with a garden. After living in Paris for more than 8 years, I think that it is the ultimate dream of all Parisians :) A house with a sea view would definitely be the icing on the cake.


Imagine that you are at the airport and we could give you a boarding pass to fly anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?

The Philippines or Mexico...I long to escape to an exotic paradise with guaranteed sunshine!


If you had a cinema subscription that allows you to see only one film for the rest of your life, what would it be?

I love cheesy films and am a big fan of the film “About Time”. I would highly recommend it as a real feel-good movie.

Otherwise, this weekend I saw a film called “Call me by your name” which I thought was wonderful. A real work of art. It takes place in Italy in the 80s, and it really makes you want to live in the world created by the film.


If we could read your tarot cards, what would you like to know about your future?

That I will have a happy life! A life well-lived with my husband and son. Everyone always thinks that we would want to know about the sad events in life, but not me!

What is your favourite loyalty cards? The one that you use most often?

A bit of boring response but the card I use the most is my loyalty card for Leclerc (a French supermarket), even though that makes me seem like a bit of a desperate housewife.

Otherwise, H&M launched their new loyalty programme recently. It’s pretty good but there is no physical card as it is all online.


If Rosemood told you that you need to pack up your desk as they are moving elsewhere in France, where would you want to go?

The sunny South of Corsica ☼


What is your hidden talent?

I have a good memory for figures and dates, and also a good level of grammar and spelling. When I was in primary school I even took part in spelling championships.


One last question...if you could organise a new event for Rosemood what would it be?

A picnic all together to celebrate the start of summer.


Thanks for taking the time to let us know a bit more about you Charlotte and your love of sunny destinations and cheesy films. We hope to join you for a picnic once summer arrives here in Nantes! 

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