Le Collectif

Sneak Peek

This week we met up with Béranger, a member of our team of internal graphic designers, otherwise known as “Le Collectif". He has kindly agreed to give you a sneak peek at his latest masterpiece, which will soon be joining our catalogue of wedding stationery.

Le collectif wedding stationery design

What is “Le Collectif”?

“Le Collectif” is made up of Rosemood’s talented and passionate in-house designers based here in Nantes, France. The graphic designers, who work so meticulously on your personalised stationery, also have the opportunity to come up with stylish new designs exclusively for Rosemood. We are lucky to have such young and dynamic designers at our fingertips and their varying styles and artistic visions help us create a wide range of truly unique stationery.

The creativity of “Le Collectif” is behind some of our favourite designs, and we can also give these internal designers the credit for the goodies that we treat you to each month. So far in 2018, we have already given you the chance to get your hands on two pieces of their handiwork, and rest assured that there is more to come! It isn’t too late to download your fun dance-themed calendar or our tropical GRR screen wallpapers, so lovingly created by our talented Rosemooders.

Meet Béranger and his latest work in progress

Béranger is a Rosemooder with a love for films and a wicked sense of humour. He is also one of the talented members of “Le Collectif”, and has kindly agreed to give us a sneak peek at his latest work and to let us know a bit more about where he finds his inspiration!

Hello Béranger

Thanks for giving us a sneak peek at your latest work in progress! Tell us, what inspired you to create this tropical Save the Date?

I try to pour as much of my personality into my work as possible, so I always start by taking inspiration from my surroundings and getting in tune with my artistic sensibility. I was given the theme “The Tropics” as my project brief so my thoughts first turned to botanical gardens and lush jungles. I had to think about how I could incorporate this richness into a harmonious design, that would play on colour and form, all whilst sticking to the chosen theme.

Where do you start when coming up with a new design? Do you gather your inspiration in the form of mood boards, sketchbooks or even Pinterest boards?

My first idea was to create save the date cards with palm trees, lush vegetation, and an overall tropical feel, so I then had to work out how to produce something tasteful and stylish from what I was envisioning. It usually helps to narrow things down by asking what is currently in fashion or on trend, and how my design will fit with the identity and style of Rosemood. I then have to marry the answers to these questions with my ideas to pin down one design.

Béranger Graphic designer at Rosemood

In terms of starting to put my design together, I don’t really stick to one method. Sometimes I start the old fashioned way by putting pen to paper in my sketchbook, and sometimes I start sketching directly on the computer. It really depends on what it is that I am creating.

As for looking for and keeping track of my inspiration, I use the rich wealth of pictures found on Google Images, which often redirects me to Pinterest. I, however, prefer Behance, DeviantArt or Artstation, because all these sites credit the authors of the images, even when they are not the ones who have posted or pinned them.

What are the different stages of your creative process when you are coming up with a new design?

In my case I always start with a period of personal reflection. Then I choose what materials I am going to use and how I am going to create my design from a technical point of view. After that I start searching for inspiration, taking a look at the latest trends. It is only after this that I can get to down to action and start turning my ideas into reality.

For this design, I wanted to achieve a truly natural and rough feel, where I could sense the friction of the paper and each movement of the pencils, whilst drawing out this design. This helps bring rhythm and life to the illustrations, allowing me to create beautiful detail without any sense of rigidity.

I, therefore, took my sketchbook and my finest and most worn-out felt pen and made a start, (useful tip: don’t throw out your old felt pens as even ones that are worn out can come in handy)!

Finally I have to scan my sketches onto the computer, and colour and assemble all the elements of the design using Photoshop. Then comes the overall layout, applying my design to both sides of the existing format of save the dates cards.

“Voilà”, a new design is born!

Is your Save the date going to give rise to matching personalised note cards or even a full wedding stationery suite?

Yes, hopefully, the full wedding stationery suite will see the light of day. It is a rich design that offers a great opportunity to incorporate the different elements into a full range of stationery. Rest assured that we are working on it!

If you could design an invitation for your own wedding, what would it look like?

Great question! It would most likely also be focussed on nature and vegetation! The images of harmony and the idea of sprouting seeds are things that we both really like.

Save the date by Beranger

Oh wait... there would have to be squirrels too! For one they are super cute, but besides that they are also lively and agile, and they plan ahead….maybe a bit too far ahead. Did you know that they hide so many nuts that they only manage to find around 20% of them afterwards? Is that not just adorable? In the words of the comedian Sarah Silverman that means that “Squirrels plant trees”!

Anyway...my girlfriend and I have talked about it a lot, and “hypothetically speaking” if we are to get married, (on the 4th of August), our wedding invitations would definitely be in this sort of style, (and just in case you are wondering, there are squirrels)!


Thanks for letting us in on your latest creation Béranger. We can’t wait to discover your save the date cards online.

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