Meet The Founders

Let's test their English!

Today I have the IMMENSE pleasure of introducing you to our founders. Sure, I am pleased to introduce them to you because they created this incredible company called Rosemood but I am even more excited to introduce them to you as I have chosen to do so via a bit of an English test!

Without further ado, here they are from left to right, Antoine, Hélène and Grégoire so proudly holding their Rosemood posters featuring their favourite words in English. I’ll let you do the Freudian analysis of what their favourite words mean about their personalities and I’ll stick to telling you a little story about how just after this photo was taken Helene discovered that she was standing in a little surprise left by a mischievous dog. Yes you heard it, we had a Rosemood photo shoot on a dog poop laden sidewalk, welcome to France!


The test started off with something fun and simple to get our test takers in the mood... a little Mad Lib! Antoine, Hélène and Grégoire studiously filled out a list of names, nouns, numbers and adjectives, certainly thinking the rest of the test would be a breeze. Here are the Mad Lib results, clearly Helene got the best mark by saying that seeing me (Kelsey) is her favourite part of the day. It was perhaps unintentional but I’ll take what I can get! I also filmed each founder reciting their mad lib but I think I will keep that in my back pocket for a rainy day (or for blackmail, whichever comes first).

We then moved on to a classic French “dicté”. I should admit that this was the portion of the test that I 100% used as revenge for the years of frustrating French lessons I endured. I’m not ashamed to say that I chose to take that frustration out on Antoine, Hélène and Grégoire and that I very much enjoyed reading a paragraph about the United Kingdom out loud to them as they attempted to scribble down each word I said with accuracy. Things seemed to be going well, until we got to a sentence filled with names of cities such as Edinburgh (I'll admit that it would be difficult to guess the spelling of Edinburgh based on its pronunciation) and the word centre (which all three test-takers spelt the American way - center) which proved difficult to spell. Grégoire made two mistakes, Hélène made 3 mistakes and Antoine made a whopping 8 mistakes (two of which were spelling Wales as a marine mammal rather than a city).

So the results are in and one thing is for sure, Antoine will not be taking home an English award. A for effort though and I’m sure we can come up with one of those participation certificates that are commonly used to make children feel better about losing. Antoine’s below average marks aside, it is a close tie between Hélène who won the Mad Lib section of the test and Grégoire who did slightly better on the dicte. You know what this means, a tie-breaker is in order! Let us know what kind of English tiebreaker you would find most entertaining in the comments below!