Happy Birthday Rosemood!

10 years in the making

It seemed a little strange to be counting down to our anniversary, considering how time has seemed to stop over the last few months, but we couldn't let the moment pass without celebrating it in some way. It’s our company’s 10th anniversary after all!

Atelier Rosemood 10 year anniversary

Right now, we should be buzzing around the office - waiting for the French press to arrive, whilst putting the finishing touches to THE biggest event of the year, where I would have dominated the game 'Name that Tune', (especially seeing as anyone who has dared to outplay me in the past had already been taken off the guest list).

Despite us all working from home, there is still excitement in the air. Even though we’ve known for 10 years that our 10th anniversary would be happening around now, we haven’t really had time to concentrate on the preparations over the last few months, so everything has been a bit last minute, but a little extra pressure never hurt anyone and it's not as if we have been under much recently ;) We still want to make the most of this anniversary, revel in all that we have accomplished over the last 10 years and give ourselves a good pat on the back if you will.

Rosemood founders

It was during my two month break following my first job, that I was flicking through the last few pages of the newspaper Ouest-France when the idea that would completely change my life came to me: “an online family notice and announcements website”.Then I met with Antoine, who jumped at the idea, willing to partner with me on this new venture even though we hardly knew each other and the project itself was still a bit rough around the edges.
It was then thanks to another encounter: Hélène. She saw potential in creating printed announcements and in the two goofs who would later become her business partners, who were worn out after a year promoting their super “hot” site that the world has now since forgotten.

Months passed, meetings upon meetings were had and finally in May 2010, our first website went live, fairepartnaissance.fr (faire-part = baby announcements in French). 

At the time, the company itself was called Rosemood, but we didn’t really think or weren’t really concerned about choosing a fancy or classy domain name for our business website, we just wanted to make sure Google’s ranking system put us at the top of the baby announcements search page. Similar to what my secondary school girlfriends thought of me; all brains no brawn.

One thing led to another and over ten years we have become a household name here in France, and we couldn’t have done it without the hard work of every member of our team and the trust from our customers, to whom we owe so much of our success. Just take a look at these numbers: 100 employees, a 10 million euro turnover, 4 countries and thousands of beautiful (if I say so myself) wedding invitations, baby cards and photo books printed just for you!

We always say at Rosemood “faire du bien avec du beau” - do things well and with elegance, which is why we are always so proud to share these wonderful creations with you and honoured to document your most cherished adventures. Thanks to you, our customers, for trusting us with your precious memories, especially over the last few months, as this has helped our company stay afloat during this particularly difficult time for all of us.


As I said to the French Television channels M6 Inter, BFM Business to the whole Rosemood team, this is proof that our small brand has grown so well and that we have created an amazing community that has allowed us to withstand the pressure we have been under, especially with the wedding season being put on hold.

Baby thank you cards Rosemood
Photo books Atelier Rosemood

One last shameless self-plug, and then we will get back to serious business.

We are very proud to have built a business that has been profitable from - almost - the very beginning, without having to resort to crowdfunding. I have always said that there is no one way of doing things, especially when it comes to business. Depending on their market constraints each company grows and advances at their own pace, and we probably would not have had the resilience or the ability to advance any quicker even with more resources.

Now that the subject of slowing down is at the forefront of everyone’s mind, we feel even more in tune with the world before us and hope you will continue to reach out to us for the next ten years.

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