Rosemood HQ

What's New?

If Rosemood can make beautiful stationery then we should be able to create a beautiful office space too, right? Right! Rosemood HQ is feeling cosier than ever before with our new and improved kitchen complete with fairy lights, comfy seating, personalised mugs and our very own foosball table!

The new and improved Rosemood kitchen has been quite the (long-awaited, never-ending, time-consuming) project, just ask Thomas the brave soul that took on said project. It was well worth the wait, however, to move into a lovely large open space decked out in Scandinavian-inspired furniture and many a microwave (microwave availability is a must as even the kindest of co-workers can let their hanger take the wheel if the line is too long). We even have a space dedicated to our foosball table which is nice as we now know exactly where to look for any missing Rosemooders.

Last, but certainly not least, we were each gifted with not one, but TWO personalised mugs. Some (myself included) see them as a thoughtful gift, others as a way to keep tabs on who isn't doing their dishes, but either way we are all pleased to have such lovely mugs for our morning cup of tea or coffee. I've found my mug really helpful in remembering my own name after a day full of brain-intensive translating. The good news is that soon we will all fill our mugs and have a toast to a shiny new UK website to match our shiny new Rosemood kitchen. More on that to come!