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Two Months in the UK!

It's official! Rosemood UK has officially turned two! Well, two months that is. No birthday would be complete without looking back in time (and eating a lot of cake!). A lot has been happening since the 1st of June and we're excited to share all of the recent Rosemood happenings with you!

Rosemood UK Favourite Designs

From sometime in February the launch date had been set in stone and come hell or high water, we were going to launch Rosemood UK the 1st of June! Fortunately, the team working on the launch was amazing and came together to get everything done for the big day. Of course, that doesn’t mean everything went off without a single hitch… the morning of the launch we still couldn’t accept payments… lucky for our customers but not so lucky for us. That small yet vital problem was resolved, however, and the site went live around 2pm. In my mind, there would be brides to be digitally queuing up for the launch but in reality, it took a bit of patience and a few days for an actual order to come in. When it finally did though, we were thrilled!


We were so thrilled in fact, that we reimbursed our first customer! Believe it or not, that’s actually a tradition here at Rosemood that dates back to the days when our founders, Grégoire, Hélène and Antoine, launched Rosemood in France. Here’s the story. It’s important to test everything on the website thoroughly before any customers use the site to make sure there aren’t any hiccups. During that process, we place all kinds of orders and then cancel them and reimburse ourselves. Well, our three co-founders were on an order-cancelling spree early in their launch and cancelled their very first real order, reimbursing their first customer by mistake. They have a great sense of humour though, and it became tradition to reimburse the first order. Rosemood UK partook in the tradition of giving away the first order, intentionally, of course.

Rosemood UK Graphic Designers

Rosemood UK, like Rosemood FR or DE, would be nothing without a team of talented graphic designers that review and retouch every single order of stationery. Our graphic designers make sure our customers’ photos look incredible, the layout of their cards is flawless and do all kinds of voodoo magic with their computers to make our customers fall even further in love with their cards. Meet (from left to right) Bridie and Claire, the graphic designers that will be working on our Rosemood UK cards! Bridie will be handling all of your baby-related stationery and Claire will be perfecting each element of your wedding stationery! While they are now both honorary British graphic designers, Bridie is actually half Irish!

With our team of graphic designers in place, there was one person left to find! A friendly stationery-lover to help answer our customer’s most pressing questions. With the imminent arrival of this first customer service team member in mind, it was time for me to move my desk from the Marketing open-space to somewhere slightly more accommodating of two people. I had a look around and chose a quiet area situated between our French customer service team and our graphic designers. Of course, with my luck, construction began right outside the window of this “quiet” area just days after the move! I’m looking on the bright side though, our customers will be assured that they have reached Rosemood UK when they call in, recognizing the lull of jack hammering and cement trucks in the background!

Rosemood UK Customer Service

Sandra (here on the left) arrived just a few short days after the big move and has been getting to know our stationery and our lovely customers ever since. If you want to find out a bit more about Sandra then take a look at her blog post. She has high hopes for her favourite colourful designs to become best sellers but for the time being it appears that the designs pictured at the top of this article have been the most popular. Pictured from left to right in order of popularity, we have our classic Baby’s Breath wedding invitation suite, our square line-drawn Rustic Promise design and our fresh floral One Spring Day wedding invitation. We love hearing about our customers’ preferences and have even been known to set a bet or two on which designs may or may not dethrone the others to make it to #1!

Since our launch, we have been mailing out many a free sample pack and have had a lot of great feedback on our designs. We have also begun offering free personalised samples so that customers can order a free printed copy of their personalised invitation or card to make sure that everything is just as they wish before placing a complete order. These personalised samples or “printed proofs” have been a great way for our customers to get to know our paper and printing quality, as we are rather new to the scene! If you would like to learn more about our free personalised samples or are just interested in the aforementioned construction outside our office window, please do give Sandra and I a call, we would be more than happy to hear from you! Until then, we wish you smooth sailing in regards to your wedding preparations and happy trails exploring Rosemood.co.uk!