Website Launch

Let's Play a Game

After much discussion and debate over colours, fonts and wording (and basically anything else one could develop an opinion about in regards to a website) the first version of the Rosemood UK website is live! Let me take you on a bit of a tour…

As you (our ever-so-loyal blog followers) are probably already well-versed in the story behind Rosemood, I’ll skip over the traditional “About Us” section of the website and head straight for the fun stuff! Our new website is home to a tinder-like platform, lovingly named Yay or Nay, that will help us find out what you think about our stationery! It’s quite simple, head to this page and if you see something you like give it a “✓” and if you see something you don’t give it an “✗”. As no [self-respecting] game would be complete without a winner, you can enter your email at the end of the game for a chance to win a £100 Rosemood voucher. Winners will be chosen on the first Monday of each month, good luck!


Speaking of winners, you may recall that we conducted a survey before launching the new website and that we thanked each participant with a sampling of Rosemood notecards and a chance to win one of two £100 vouchers to Oliver Bonas. Well, we are happy to announce our two lucky winners... Kirsty and Wendy! Kirsty is from just outside Edinburgh, her favourite holiday to send a little love via cards is Christmas. She loves the patterns on our notecards and just wishes she would have known about Rosemood when planning her own wedding! Kirsty is already feeling inspired and can’t wait to use her voucher at Oliver Bonas! Wendy is from Leeds, her favourite way to use stationery is to spread a little joy or to send birthday cards. She loves golden yellows and greens, is a real sucker for a stripe (aren't we all) and will probably use her voucher for picture frames, notebooks or a fancy new skirt!


Congratulations Kristy and Wendy and a big thank you to all our survey participants! Certainly keep an eye out for our next contest on the blog, Facebook or Instagram as we love to spoil our followers with pretty paper products and more!