Belly Band How To

Tutorial Time!

Let us teach you the ways of the mysterious belly band! This wedding stationery accessory adds a lovely finishing touch to your invitation suites. Let us share some tips and tricks with you to make assembling your personalised wedding invitations quick, easy and all around painless!

Deep Floral Wedding Stationery

First things first, you will want to gather your supplies as shown above with our Deep Floral wedding invitations and suite! One full wedding suite includes a large invitation envelopes, the invitation itself, a guest information card (to prevent your lovely Aunt Lola from calling with questions multiple times a day) a rsvp card, a rsvp envelope and, of course, a belly band! You can certainly pick and choose from this list if, for example, you include your guest information on the back of your invitation or if you would like your guests to respond to your invitation digitally. Rosemood also provides you with enough double-sided adhesives to assemble all of your belly bands so be sure not to throw away those handy sheets of stickers when you receive your invitations! You can then layout your invitations with your guest information and rsvp cards on top of them to get ready to wrap each suite with a belly band.

Belly Bands Step 1
Belly Bands Step 2

Next, you will want to make sure you are attaching your adhesive to the correct side of your belly bands. The bands themselves are bit long than twice the width of your invitation so that one side of the band will overlap the other, covering the adhesive. The easiest method is to first attach your double-sided adhesive to the front of your belly band, as close to the edge of the band as possible. Carefully remove an adhesive from the sheet (keeping the small adhesive-sized paper stuck to one side of it) and secure it to the edge of your belly band.

Belly Bands Step 3
Belly Bands Step 4

You will then want to fold the belly band along the two pre-creased fold lines and ensure the opposite side of belly band will cover the entire adhesive strip that you have just adhered to it. If everything looks good, wrap the belly band around your invitation making sure the text and pattern is facing the same direction as your invitation. Turn your entire suite and band around so that the open end of your band is face up. Now peel and remove the strip of paper from the double-sided adhesive and press the two edges of your belly bands firmly together. Avoid pulling the band too tight as this could cause your invitation to bend slightly.

Belly Bands Step 5
Belly Bands Step 6

Ta-da! There you have it.. a perfect personalised wedding invitation suite! Now that you're an expert, you can turn up the music, serve yourself (and the friends you have recruited to help you) a drink and get to town on your stationery assembly line! Don't forget to add the finishing touch of your RSVP envelopes before sliding your suites into their own larger envelopes. We would also suggest addressing your envelopes before filling them so that they are perfectly flat for writing on them with your very best penmanship!

You can also use our wedding invitation belly bands to elevate the look of your wedding menu cards and napkins as per our Menu Belly Bands wedding DIY tip. If you have any questions or any other tips to share, certainly don't hesitate to leave us a comment below! Good luck!