Change The Date

Wording advice

Our heart goes out to all the brides and grooms who have had to postpone their nuptials over the last few months, but we are here to help you find the right words to let your guests know of your change of plans.

Rescheduling your wedding day is not an easy decision to make but sometimes postponing is one of the best things you can do, especially when it comes to the health and safety of your guests. With the current situation changing on a daily basis it is difficult to know what to do or whether you will need to postpone your day in the coming months or even further down the line. So, we wanted to give you some pointers on how you can best prepare and notify your guests.

What to do

Keep up to date with the latest guidelines and look into what options are on hand if you need to postpone. Check in with your venue and suppliers and try to be patient as you await their response; they are also going through a difficult time dealing with numerous wedding and event cancellations so try to be flexible. 

Be sure to let your guests know of any changes as soon as you can, either via email, text message or on your wedding website. Time is of the essence. The earlier the word is out the better chance your guests have of coming to your new wedding day, especially if you are planning a wedding abroad. If fixing a new date is becoming a difficult task, ask your bridesmaids and close family for some ideas of dates as this may help you and keep in mind that won’t be able to please everyone.

Remember, you may have to change a few details of your day but it will still be as special and unforgettable as you had always planned, just with a few tweaks. 

What to say

If you are looking to make a more official announcement of the wedding plans/changes,  we’ve put together a few example texts below that you could use on your “change the date” announcements. You can personalise our save the date cards to your liking, to create a chic postponement card for your guests, like our canopy save the date card above.

We still do! 

Julie & Mark have decided to postpone their wedding and apologise for any inconvenience caused. The wedding will be going ahead at a later date which will be communicated with you as soon as it’s been decided.


The wedding of Holly & Paul has been postponed. 

We hope everyone will be able to celebrate with us on that future date until then do know we are thinking of you.


Change of Plans

Your health and well-being is our priority and although we have had to press pause on our wedding, for now, we look forward to celebrating our new wedding day with you: Friday, 21st November 2020

Change The Date

We hope your dancing shoes can wait for our new wedding date: 24th October 2021. We hope to still see you there!


Our wedding date has been moved. 

After careful consideration, we have decided to postpone our wedding day that was due to be celebrated on Saturday, 21st July 2020. We look forward to celebrating with you on our new wedding day with you: Saturday, 8th August 2022


New Plan

Due to unforeseen circumstances, we have had to postpone our wedding. Please save our new date: 24th September 2021. We hope that you will still be able to join us!


Check out the change the date page on our website for more tips and wording for postponing your big day.