It's here!

Foil Stamped Stationery

We are pleased to announce the launch of our foil stamped wedding stationery and Christmas cards on! We apply the beautiful metallic foil of your choice to each card using our vintage Heidelberg press, giving your personalised stationery some extra sparkle and shine!


Foil Stamped Stationery by Rosemood

We were all set to head to Brides The Show in London at the end of September when we had a brilliant idea! What better way to dazzle the future brides and grooms at the show than with the launch of our foil-stamped stationery! We figured that printing hundreds of samples and planning our very first bridal show from abroad wasn't quite enough of a challenge (or so we thought...) and decided to add a bit of a product launch to the mix to make things interesting! We headed to the drawing board and selected a variety of foil stamped wedding invitations to bring to the show. We absolutely loved meeting so many happy couples and took their suggestions and compliments to heart as we quickly worked to tweak and launch our foil-stamped wedding invitations, including Love Letters (below to the left) and La Vie En Rose (below to the right). Of course, our teams of creative in-house and independent designers are hard at work designing even more foil stamped wedding stationery that we will certainly share with you in the coming months! Be sure to follow us on Instagram to keep an eye on our newest additions!

Foil wedding stationery by Rosemood
Foil wedding invitations by Rosemood

With the holiday season fast approaching and Father Christmas dusting off his sleigh, the decision to bring our artisanal foil stamping to our brand new range of Christmas cards was unanimous. After all, what could possibly be better than beautiful foil-stamped Christmas cards to welcome the most wonderful time of the year? Aside from scrumptious mince pies, of course. In years past I have been pretty good at holding off on Christmas music and recipes until the 1st of November but the launch of our Christmas cards seems to be really weighing on my it's-still-just-a-bit-too-early-for-Christmas self control. Fortunately, I have been able to take out some of that pent-up holiday spirit on preparing some exciting bits for the blog, so be sure to check back to benefit from the fruits of my labour!

Foil Christmas cards by Rosemood
Foil Christmas stationery by Rosemood