Hen Party Ideas

Printable hen party game

Organising a hen party can be stressful and it isn’t easy to find an activity that is suitable for all the hens! Rosemood is here to help with some hen party ideas and a free printable hen party game that will break the ice and keep the conversation flowing as easily as the prosecco!

Free printable hen party game from Rosemood

Whether you are a bride organising her own hen party or a bridesmaid doing so on the bride’s behalf, it isn’t easy getting everyone together for this pre-wedding celebration. Hen parties have come a long way since simple nights on the town with the bride wearing her L-plates, as there is now an endless list of possible activities you can do. Most modern brides now prefer a personalised and sophisticated hen party, that is truly unique. To help you pull off an unforgettable hen party we have come up with some ideas for hen party activities and are also giving you the chance to print out our free hen party game. Our game will allow you to share your memories with the bride-to-be and can act as a great ice-breaker for hens that do not know each other. Reminisce about all the special times that you have spent together, whilst making new memories with the bride-to-be.

Check out our free printable hen party game

If you need some inspiration for your hen party games then look no further than our free printable memory game. Use these beautiful cards to share your memories with the bride-to-be and to see how well she knows her hen party guests. Get ready for funny stories that will have you all rolling on the floor laughing and keep the tissues to hand ready for the tears of joy! Once you have finished the hen party game, the memory cards will also be a lovely souvenir for the bride-to-be, providing a lasting reminder of her hen party! These hen party cards were illustrated by the talented designer Tomoë, whose floral motifs also feature across her "Touch of Floral" wedding stationery range. If you still haven't sorted your hen party invitations then why not personalise some of our "Touch of Floral" wedding invitations to match your hen party game!

How to play the free printable hen party game

How to play

Download our free printable hen party game by clicking the link on the image above and print out one set of cards per hen. Cut out the cards and have the hens fill them out in advance with their funniest, most emotional and favourite memories with the bride-to-be. They can write a title for their memories on the front of each card, before adding the details below their photo. Either have the hens provide their photos in advance or use a Polaroid camera to capture the bride's reaction to each memory at the hen party.

Read out all of the memories to the bride-to-be, (without showing her the cards), and ask her to guess which hen decided to share each memory. Liven up this hen party memory game by coming up with a system of prizes or forfeits for the bride-to-be!

Ten hen party activity ideas

Don’t forget that if you aren’t lucky enough to win one of the printed copies of our hen party games, you can download and print your own version using the link provided above. Your memory game will probably be only one part of your hen party, so take a look below for some other hen party activity ideas.

There is a wide range of hen party activities out there so deciding on the best one for your hen party isn’t always easy. The hen party activities that you choose will depend on the budget at the disposal of your hens and what the bride-to-be enjoys doing. Here are ten hen party activity ideas for different types of brides-to-be, with something for a wide variety of hens!

Free hen party game for your hen party activites
  • Hen party games. It is possible that not all the hens know each other so hen party games are a great way to break the ice.
  • Cocktail making class. Create a relaxed atmosphere for hens that love a good cocktail. You can even have a competition to see who makes the best one.
  • Dance class. Great for giggles as all the hens bust their signature moves.
  • Wine tasting. Perfect for classy hens, looking to learn a new skill. 
  • Afternoon tea. Great for a sophisticated hen party with the bride-to-be's mother and future mother-in-law.
  • Escape game. Get all of the hens involved and have some fun as you try to escape.
  • High-ropes or assault course. Ideal for the active bride-to-be who is a bit of an adrenaline junkie.  
  • Spa day. Pamper the bride-to-be to have her forget all of her wedding planning woes.
  • Cookery classes. Perfect for the foodies, whether you love baking or exotic cuisine.
  • Arts and craft classes. You could even try your hands at making DIY flower crowns as practice for the big day.

 Whatever you choose to do we hope that the bride-to-be has an amazing hen party, and that you all enjoy sharing your fond memories!