Laure de Sagazan

Wedding stationery collection

Atelier Rosemood has teamed up with the talented wedding dress designer Laure de Sagazan to bring you a new exclusive collection of wedding stationery, and let us tell you that it is a match made in heaven! Read on to see this beautiful collection in its full glory.

Stationery set Laure de Sagazan

Who is Laure de Sagazan?

Passionate about sewing since a young age, at just 8 years old Laure de Sagazan started making her first pieces of clothing with care and precision. Since then Laure has become a renowned wedding dress designer. After studying fashion design and working as a designer at ba&sh, Laure de Sagazan decided to create her own fashion house driven by her love for lace and bohemian clothing.

She has come a long way since the humble beginnings of making a wedding dress for her cousin, as she has just opened a shop in New York, adding to her base in Paris. Laure continues to pour her heart and soul into her wedding dresses, striving to delight her future brides with her elegant and retro-chic style. You can see her beautiful dresses on her website

Collaboration with Atelier Rosemood

In one studio, you will find dozens of designers, complete with measuring tapes around their necks and needles between their fingertips, piecing together delicate materials to create immaculate wedding dresses.

In the other, expert hands work with great care and precision to print, cut and foil-stamp unique wedding invitations and stationery on carefully selected high-quality paper.

Two studios. One philosophy. A shared loved for exceptional raw materials and French know-how unites them in their goal to bring joy to their future brides and grooms. This makes the new collaboration between Laure de Sagazan and Rosemood a match made in heaven!

Rosemood printing studio
Laure de Sagazan Studio Paris

Exclusive wedding stationery collection

With a little help from the Rosemood team and drawing inspiration from the old engraving used to create her own wedding invitations, Laure has dreamt up a collection of wedding stationery which marries the delicacy of traditional Calais lace and the wonders of the natural world. A harmonious blend of embroidery and blossoms gives rise to this retro and bohemian wedding stationery collection.

“The foiled finish brings a touch of finesse to the wedding invitations, the look of which changes depending on how the light catches each shimmering detail, just as elements of our dresses are transformed by movement” Laure de Sagazan

Wedding stationery collection Laure de Sagazan

A perfect marriage of engraving and lace comes together to give this collection a truly natural feel, making them ideal for your modern rustic wedding. The Laure de Sagazan x Atelier Rosemood wedding stationery range is the epitome of elegance and refinement! Every detail of this modern yet delicate collection has been carefully handpicked, from the choice of paper to the typography. This collection of wedding stationery will pass through the hands of Rosemood’s hot foil-stamping experts, who use artisanal techniques to render the floral designs absolutely sublime.

Wedding thank you cards Laure de Sagazan

This range of save the date cards, wedding invitationson-the-day stationery and wedding thank you cards is perfect for couples on a quest to create an elegant wedding and will add a touch of refinement to any wedding reception.

We have also added a lovely “Laure de Sagazan” stationery set composed of six foiled cards so that those without a wedding in their diary can appreciate the beautiful designs of the Laure de Sagazan x Atelier Rosemood collaboration! Anyone buying a Laure de Sagazan dress in the UK will also be given one of these stylish stationery sets, which is composed of six note cards, perfect for any occasion.

Discover the Laure de Sagazan x Atelier Rosemood collection on and check out the video below to see how this collection was thought up in Laure’s studio in Paris and brought to life in Rosemood’s very own printing studio.