Introducing Sidwell

getting to know our newest designer

Today we proudly present Sidwell, a very promising new illustrator to join our wonderfully talented team of designers! A few days ago Sidwell popped by the office so we made the most of her visit and asked her to spare a few moments of her time and tell us a little more about herself, her style and her inspirations. ✨

Bonjour Sidwell! For the people who don't quite know you yet, can you tell us a little about yourself?

Hello, I am Sidwell (a Breton name, for anyone asking). I divide my time between two things I love: textile design-illustration, and spending time with my three children. I have been designing prints for kids for over a decade now, and when I arrived in Nantes I created my website, where you can find all my exclusive prints and works in progress. As for inspiration, I love being able to combine my world with the world of the people I meet, I always find it very enriching.

A lot of your patterns are done in watercolour: how would you define your style?

I actually discovered watercolour quite late, I used to work a lot with my computer and drawing tablet. In fact, now I love the so-called "happy accidents" that occur when painting. I love when colours run across my page, and I am forced to go with the flow and the colour ends up not necessarily where I want them to be, adding a certain charm. I even leave a little room for mistakes to happen, my prints rarely look like I imagined them to be at the start. 

How do you find inspiration?

It's often a colour that sparks my imagination. It could be a person in the street who is wearing a combination of two colours and I think "I really need to make a print". Sometimes it's a landscape, the street lights in a leaden sky or sometimes it's an illustration in a children's book, an abstract painting, a brush stroke I made without wanting to that inspires my imagination. One thing is for sure, I am rarely inspired by real flowers, and in fact, I think most of the flowers I draw don't even exist... I'm terrible at botany!

Can you tell us about your first introduction to Rosemood?

I actually received some lovely Rosemood invitations from friends a while back, and of course as a graphic designer I was interested in finding out about the people who created them. I then said to myself that if one day I ever moved to the west of France, I would love to design for Rosemood. When I arrived in Nantes I decided to go back to art school and learn to draw by hand again. I then met with the Rosemood team, at first I was hesitant to show them any of my more personal, hand drawn work, but in the end that's what they liked the most.

When I was coming up with designs for Rosemood, I imagined light, delicate patterns, like very fine flowers that have come to rest there to announce the joyful news, like springtime announcing the arrival of warmer days.

Working with Rosemood is just one of your current projects. Can you tell us more about any other current or future projects?

Working with Rosemood has allowed me to discover the world of paper and print, the Atelier does an incredible job of keeping the delicate strokes of the watercolour and the transparency of the colours, it is something that definitely makes me want to keep working in this field. I'm also working on creating patterns for wallpaper, I am actually on the lookout for a manufacturer who will be able to retain the light, delicate brushwork so that it looks as if it has been painted directly onto the wall. I'm also working on some children's prints, lately, there have been a few requests for I'll have to do some research on that!

What is the dream project you would like to work on?

Unicorns! No, but actually I think I'm finally doing what I dreamed of doing: creating designs and adapting them to the environment and culture of the client. Each design has a little touch of me in it, and I give them all a name: André, Joséphine, Billie, Raymond, Mercedes, Cesaria...

What is your favourite design or format in our collection?

I really like the gatefold formats. The idea of opening each section of the card to reveal a personalised text or a photo while also having a small photo card which can be separated and kept as a little memento. I also really like the bookmark format, it's both chic and modern.


Thank you very much Sidwell! If you want to discover Sidwell's floral creations, head over to our floral baby thank you card collection on our website ❤️