Let's Keep in Touch!

There's nothing like a hand written card to perk up the everyday monotony of someone's mailbox. I'm sure you know the routine, bills, junkmail, bills, junkmail, bills, junkmail and so on and so fourth. And what, pray tell, could be better than a receiving a handwritten note?

Why receiving a handwritten note on the most adorable Rosemood stationery of course! And while keeping in touch with each and every one of your 500 Facebook "friends" on pen and paper may seem a bit overkill, why not choose one lucky friend or family member to write to each week (alright, alright.. each month). When you consider the pleasure of picking out the perfect notecard design to fit your college roommate or your nan combined with the happy surprise they'll have when opening their postbox, writing to your loved ones is truly a win-win! One of my favorite parts of Rosemood's notecards is that they're not all that big so there is no need to write a short novel, just a quick note to brighten someone's day or perhaps even a friendly reminder for your partner to take out the trash. Have you ever heard the phrase "don't shoot the messenger"? Well, you can essentially circumvent that risk by letting a cute little notecard do the talking!

Ok, so you may be wondering how you can get your hands on Rosemood's notecards before Rosemood UK launches (trust me, we're working on it!)? To thank you for being amoungst the first few (of soon-to-be many, I hope..) to support Rosemood UK, we'll be giving away five packs of our colourful notecards! All you have to do is head over to our facebook page and leave a comment telling us who you'd like to send a Rosemood notecard to! You have until 31 January to play, good luck!