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Create your travel photo book

Taken hundreds of photos on your holiday this summer? Get them off your digital camera and onto high-quality paper with our brand new photo books. Take a look at our top ten photo book tips to help you immortalise your favourite memories by creating a beautiful travel photo book.

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Now that the nights are starting to cut in and the cold weather is just around the corner, you can escape back to your sunny paradise thanks to our travel photo books. September is the best time to start your photo book collection as it will help you beat off the post-holiday blues and the cosy nights in over autumn and winter will be the perfect chance to share your favourite holidays and milestones with family and friends! Not sure where to start when it comes to creating personalised photo books? Read on to discover our top ten tips to help you create a travel photo book that you can treasure for years to come.

1) Plan your photo book in advance

Having a vision of your travel photo book before you start will allow you to enjoy creating your photo book online, leaving you to concentrate on the layout and design of each page! Sort through your holiday photos in advance, making a folder of the ones you want to include in your photo book and then start thinking about the size and photo book format that you would prefer.

2) Pick the right format for your photo book

A landscape photo book is the best way to share wide-angle outdoor shots if you spent your holiday admiring the beautiful scenery, whilst portrait photo books are, (as the name suggests), ideal for portrait snaps of your loved ones. We also offer square photo books, for those wishing to create a travel photo book with a mix of images.

3) Choose your photo book cover design to suit your holiday style

Do you have one photo that sums up your entire holiday? Give it pride of place as a full-page photo cover. Otherwise, use one of our patterned photo books to take you straight back to your boat trip or your tropical paradise.

4) Pick the right photos for your photo books

Let’s face it, not all photos taken on your holidays are worthy of being shared in your travel photo book. There are always photos where Dad has his eyes closed, or the kids became distracted before you took the picture. Take the time to filter out these photos before you upload your holiday photos to our photo book maker. As well as ensuring that everyone looks their best, it is also important to pick photos of the right quality and format. All photos should have a resolution of at least 300 dpi, and the format of your photo should ideally match the format of the photo field you have selected for your page.

5) Use your photo book to tell a story...

Constructing your photo book chronologically will make it easy for you to retell the story of your holidays when sharing your travel photo book with friends and family. Start with photos of you waiting excitedly at the airport and then make your way through your photos day by day.

6) ...or arrange your photos by theme

If all the days of your holidays seemed to blur into one, then you can always arrange your photos by theme. Dedicate a section of your photo book to the beach and another one to the wonders of the nearby town that you explored. Keeping photos with similar colours and styles together will create a striking travel photo book that is sure to impress your loved ones.

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7) Less is sometimes more when it comes to your photo books

Your photo book is not about cramming as many of your holiday photos in as possible. It should be about showing off your photos in the best way possible. Whilst you can share up to nine photos on a page, this does not mean that you should do so on every single one. Photo collage pages are a great idea for photos that are of a very similar style or photos that aren’t of the greatest quality, but do not forget to give your favourite photos pride of place on full pages of their own!

8) Vary the layout of your photo book pages

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Whilst some snaps are worthy of a full-page spread, we recommend that you vary the layout of your pages to create a dynamic photo book. Find a set of around 5 page layouts that work well together, and use them throughout your photo book to create a cohesive style.

9) Include text in your photo books

Whilst your holiday memories may still be fresh in your mind, in a few years time you may forget which town was which, so give yourself a handy reminder by adding in the names of the places that you visited. You can also add funny captions to photos that are sure to trigger an amusing anecdote. Our talented team will proofread your photo books to make sure that there are no sneaky spelling errors in those complicated Greek place names.

10)  Let us help you with your photo book

Take the time to get your photo book just right, saving your progress as you go! Our customer service team are available to help every step of the way so do not hesitate to get in touch. Once you submit your personalised photo book, it will pass through the hands of our proofreaders who will check any text added to your travel photo book, whilst our graphic designers will check the quality of every photo! Our complimentary retouching process is just part of our promise to help you create the perfect photo book!


We hope that these top tips come in handy once you start creating your travel photo book, and any other photo books for that matter! We offer a range of designs that will help you record all of life's special occasions! If your greatest adventure this summer was tying the knot, then make wedding photo books to relive the happiest day of your life. We even have baby photo albums for the proud parents who spent their first summer with their new baby! No matter what type of photo book you decide to create, we are sure that you will enjoy flicking through them with loved ones, so let the reminiscing begin.