Love code

A stunning invitation

For our new Vellum collection, our friend and talented designer Marion Bizet imagined a playful take on the theme of “Secret Codes”, sure to both surprise and impress your guests.

Wedding invitation Love Code

Our new collection of wedding invitations has been built around intelligent layering, and one shining example of this is our ‘Love Code’ design. We’ve been inspired by this new range of invitations, and ‘Love Code’ is our muse of the moment.


Love code is the brainchild of the iconic designer Marion Bizet ❤️ (She’s been with us on our Rosemood adventure for almost 10 years now). Marion has been living in New York for the past few years and continues to resonate her open and creative energy. We were certain that she was the perfect person to create an original and refreshing design for our new collection. We were not disappointed.

Wedding invitation Love Code Atelier Rosemood

Decoding the message

To discover the hidden words on your wedding announcement, your guests will need to align the two elements of the invitation and play with the typography to decode your message. Poetic, funny and surprising. Everything we love!

Wedding invitation Love Code Atelier Rosemood
Wedding invitation Love Code Rosemood

And since we love secrets as much as Marion, we sent her some questions to see if she would reveal some of hers... 😉

Marion Bizet designer Atelier Rosemood

A ‘Super-Secret’ interview with Marion


Your secret inspiration at the moment?

Apples, love and visual word games.

Your ‘secret place’ in San Francisco?

The swing at the top of Bernal Heights Hill, you can find some breathtaking views of San Francisco up there.


The secret to making our new invitations?

Striking a balance between poetry and fantasy.

Your next ‘secret illustration’ for Rosemood?


The ‘secret place’ you’d like to be right now?

Anywhere close to nature.

The secret you never told your parents?

I’ll tell them first and tell you right after.

Your secret French dish?

Quartered apples with a square of 85% cocoa chocolate.