Wedding Invitation Ideas

1 invitation 10 ways

Who would have thought that one wedding invitation design could be so versatile! Find out how you can personalise wedding invitations from Rosemood to suit your wedding theme or season, as well as how to keep up with the latest wedding trends!

Love letters foiled wedding invitations from Rosemood

Personalised wedding stationery from Rosemood is highly unique! You can personalise your favourite wedding invitation design in an endless number of ways to create wedding invitations that suit your style. No wedding is the same, so we strongly believe that all wedding invitations should be unique too. That is why our “Love Letters” wedding stationery suite offers you a whole host of colour and foil combinations that can suit everything from a classic wedding all about the romance, to a chic wedding for the trendy bride. Don’t forget that our wedding invitations can be personalised for other events too! Take a look at how we have used our “Love letters” wedding invitations to create 10 different looks that could inspire your wedding!

Day vs. Evening wedding invitations

These first two variations of wedding invitations will apply to most future brides and grooms. If some of your guests are only invited to the evening reception, then you will need to create separate day and evening wedding invitations to include the relevant details.

Day and evening wedding invitations from Rosemood

Day wedding invitations

Any of our “Love Letters” wedding invitations, with or without our luxurious metallic foiling, can be personalised for your day wedding invitations. Take a look at our wedding invitation wording pages for more ideas on how to personalise your wedding invitations to suit your style.

Evening wedding invitations

You can use the same design for your day and evening wedding invitations, and simply make some changes to your wedding invitation wording to turn one into the other. Choosing a different colour for your evening wedding invitations and RSVP cards will allow you to identify immediately whether your guests are responding to your day or evening wedding invitations, helping you keep track of your head counts.

Wedding invitations to match your wedding theme

Reflect the style of your wedding by choosing your wedding invitations to match your wedding colour scheme. You can turn your wedding invitations from romantic to rustic with a simple change of wedding invitation accessories.

Rustic wedding invitations

The freshness of our soft pastel green wedding invitations is perfect for a rustic countryside or woodland wedding. Create delicate bundles from your wedding invitations, guest information cards and RSVP cards by tying them together with some rustic twine! You could even slip in a clipping of your favourite foliage to top off the rustic charm.

Romantic wedding invitations

A staple of many romantic colour schemes, blush pink is still as popular as ever in the wedding world. Add to the romantic and refined feel of your pastel pink wedding invitations and inserts by tying them together with some delicate lace. This romantic combination is perfect for a vintage wedding!

Rustic and romantic wedding invitations from Rosemood

Wedding invitations for all seasons

Whether you are planning a winter wonderland wedding or keeping your fingers crossed that it will stay dry for your summer wedding, you can personalise your wedding invitations to suit the season!

Wedding invitations to the seasons from Rosemood

Summer wedding invitations

Keep things fresh with the soft pastel tones of our blush pink foiled wedding invitations and set the tone for a sunny summer wedding with our warm gold foil. This romantic colour combination will work wonderfully against a backdrop of lush greenery and bold summer flowers!

Winter wedding invitations

Capture the essence of winter in your wedding stationery by using our icy blue wedding invitations and crisp white guest information cards. The wintry feel will be accentuated by the luxurious silver foiling. This frosty colour palette adds a touch of glamour to your winter wedding invitations and captures the magic of this chilly season!

Wedding invitations for the trendy bride

Use our foiled wedding invitations to give your guests a glimpse of your trendy wedding. Whether you are hosting a chic wedding in a modern industrial space or just looking to add a touch of glamour to your classic wedding, our luxurious metallic foiling could be just what you need to get your trendy wedding style across.

Blush pink and copper wedding invitations

This modern yet girly colour combination has taken the wedding world by storm! Rock the rose gold with our pink wedding invitation suite, adorned with our copper foiling. This colour palette can bring some warmth and glittering detail to any vintage, modern or rustic wedding!

Mixed metal foiled wedding invitations

Mismatched bridesmaids dresses have become a hot trend, so why not create a mismatched wedding stationery suite to give your guests a glimpse of your original wedding. Choose a combination of gold, silver and copper foil to create a modern and refined wedding stationery suite, that will leave your guests guessing what delights your wedding has in store.

Trendy wedding invitations from Rosemood

Personalise our wedding invitations for other special occasions

The text on our wedding invitations can be fully personalised so you can personalise our “Love Letters” wedding invitations to spread the love for other special occasions too, whether that be as party invitations or even thank you cards!

Bridesmaid cards and wedding anniversary invitations from Rosemood

Bridesmaids cards

Why not personalise our wedding invitations to create your very own bridesmaids cards? You can even add your bridesmaids cards to a DIY bridesmaids box full of her favourite treats! Take a look at our hints and tips on how to choose your bridesmaids and how to pop that all important question. You could even turn these wedding invitations into hen party invitations!

Wedding Anniversary party invitations

Use our stylish wedding invitations to invite your loved ones to your wedding anniversary celebrations. With a few changes to your wedding invitation wording, you will have wedding anniversary party invitations in just a few clicks. Why not get out your wedding menu cards from your special day and treat your guests to the same meal from your wedding?

And there you have it...One wedding invitation in ten ways! Let's see if you can come up with even more ways to adapt personalised wedding invitations from Rosemood!