Wedding Thank You Cards

All you need to know

Calling all spring and summer brides and grooms! We are sure that your wedding went better than you had ever imagined so now it is time to thank all those who helped make your day so special! We are here to help with our guide to wedding thank you card etiquette and top tips on how to create your own personalised wedding thank you cards!

Wedding thank you card etiquette guide

If like Sarah from our UK team, you got married in the last few months, then you are likely to still have one thing left to tick off your wedding checklist: wedding thank you cards. Choosing the perfect wedding thank you cards and writing all those thank you messages isn’t always an appealing thought when it comes to starting your newly-married life, so Sarah has kindly agreed to guide you through creating personalised wedding thank you cards with Rosemood, sharing her top wedding thank you card tips along the way!

When to send your wedding thank you cards

  • During the first three months after your wedding. Sending your wedding thank you cards as soon as possible will mean that your wedding gifts are still fresh in your mind, making it easier to write a heartfelt message!

Who to send your wedding thank you cards to

Write a list of who you wish to send wedding thank you cards to before ordering your cards. As a basic rule, you should send wedding thank you cards to:

  • All your wedding guests.
  • All those who gave you a wedding gift.
  • Everyone involved in the preparations, including your wedding suppliers.

Top tip no. 1: Make sure that you keep track of who gave you each gift! My wedding planner had a handy gift section so I was able to record the cards and gifts we received as we opened them. This meant that we had our wedding thank you card list ready to go, just needing to add on a few wedding suppliers!

Choosing your wedding thank you cards

All the decision making doesn’t come to an end once the wedding is over, as you still need to pick your favourite design for your wedding thank you cards. One thing is for sure, Rosemood has plenty of wedding thank you cards to choose from, so here are a few things to think about when choosing your perfect wedding thank you cards.

  • Do you want matching wedding thank you cards? If you fell in love with your wedding invitations, then you can always opt for wedding thank you cards to match!
  • How many wedding photos do you wish to share? Our wedding photo thank you cards allow you to share up to 6 wedding photos!
  • Do you want your wedding thank you cards to match your colour scheme? Filter our wedding thank you cards by colour to find ones to match your wedding decorations!
  • Do you want to add a touch of luxury to your final piece of wedding stationery? Our foiled wedding thank you cards feature your choice of gold, silver or copper metallic foiling.
Wedding photo thank you cards

Top tip no. 2: The format and style of your favourite wedding photos may determine your wedding thank you card design. As someone who is naturally very indecisive, there was no way that I was going to be able to narrow down our wedding photos to just one! That meant that I could go straight to the catalogue of wedding thank you cards with multiple photos. I also knew that I wanted to include a full-length photo to show off my wedding dress for one last time, so that narrowed the choice down even further! That led us to choose the “Our Big Day” wedding thank you cards, which has a mixture of landscape and portrait photos and you can see how they turned out in the photo below.

Top tip no. 3: Rosemood may be able to adapt your favourite wedding thank you card design to suit your needs, so just ask! I saw the blank inside page of our wedding thank you cards as a potential opportunity for another photo, so I asked the graphic designers to add a fourth photo field to the inside of my cards as part of Rosemood's advanced personalised changes. This prevented me from having to choose between the four photos that had made my shortlist!

Create wedding photo thank you cards

Your wedding thank you cards are also a lovely souvenir for your friends and family so treat them to the wedding photos that best capture the magic of your wedding day! Don’t forget that our graphic designers will even retouch your photos, where necessary, to make sure that your wedding thank you cards are absolutely perfect.

Personalised wedding thank you cards

Top tip no. 4: Choose the wedding photos that mean the most to you! Whilst I could list the typical photos that we see on wedding thank you cards here at Rosemood, it is more important to remind you that you should simply pick the photo(s) that you love! Choosing the photos for our wedding thank you cards wasn’t the easiest of decisions to make as our photographer, Yvonne Davies of Garret Studio, captured so many beautiful wedding photos throughout the day. Whilst we loved all the photos from the romantic photo shoot of the two of us in the park, it was some of her natural shots that turned out to be our favourites. We, therefore, opted for a mixture of posed photos and candid shots where we both had beaming smiles! This made for wedding thank you cards that were greeted with lots of comments on how happy we both looked, and that reminded us what a great day we had!

  • For romantic wedding thank you cards: Choose a photo of you both sharing a tender moment to have your friends and family feeling nostalgic about your wedding day.
  • For original wedding thank you cards: Share your series of wedding photos with you jumping for joy or striking quirky poses to remind your loved ones of your unique wedding day!
  • Share more than one photo: use multiple photos to pull together some of your favourite portraits along with close-ups of symbolic or sentimental details from your wedding day.

Wedding thank you card wording

Top tip no. 5: Keep your wedding thank you cards personal. Wedding thank you cards don’t have to be long-winded. As long as your message is personal, you can keep it short and sweet. Whilst you can type part of the message using our online editing tool, it is still best to add a handwritten note to mention the specific gift you received and how you are going to use it. Take look at our sample wedding thank you card wording for some ideas to help you get started.

"Thank you for being there on our wedding day, you helped make it truly unforgettable. It meant the world to us that we could celebrate with you. We hope you enjoyed the day as much as we did. We absolutely love the candles, which have taken pride-of-place on our mantelpiece"

Wedding thank you card wording
Thank you for being there on our wedding day. Having our friends and family there made the day truly unforgettable. We were so happy to receive the lovely crockery set that you so kindly gave to us. We look forward to using it for years to come.   We are so sorry that you weren’t able to make it to our wedding. We had a lovely day and were thinking about you. We would like to make sure that you know how much you were missed and that we are so appreciative of the gift that you sent us. We hope to see you soon.   Thank you so much for attending our wedding! We had a lovely day and were so happy that you were there. We are so grateful for your generous gift, which we will be adding to our honeymoon fund. We will be sure to send you a postcard. Thanks again.

Rosemood helped make creating my wedding thank you cards easy, so I hope that we can do the same for you! Our friendly customer service team is here to help you every step of the way when it comes to personalising your wedding thank you cards from choosing your design to selecting your preferred high-quality paper. The only thing we can't do is write out your wedding thank you cards on your behalf! So get comfortable and start sharing out that pile of wedding thank you cards. Each of you can write the wedding thank you cards destined for your side of the family, just leaving a space for the other one to add his or her signature. It will feel like a job well done once you pop all your wedding thank you cards in the post, and afterwards, you can get back to enjoying your newly-married bliss!